The ultimate guide to Etihad's A380 first-class apartment - The Points Guy (2022)

While declining demand has led Airbus to cease production of the A380 and caused many airlines to consider an early retirement, the incredible amount of space aboard the double-decker whale jet has given airlines the chance to innovate their cabins in a way we haven't seen in decades. Most people associate the A380 with Emirates first-class shower suites, but in many ways, Etihad's first-class Apartments are even more impressive. TPG himself flew it last year and loved the onboard chef who customized his meal, as well as the onboard shower, the impressive amount of space and the lounge and bar area on the plane which is known as "The Lobby."

Intrigued? Let's take a look at everything you need to know about Etihad's unique first-class product, including what the Apartment is like, where to find it and how to book these coveted award seats.


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As of this writing, Etihad has 10 Airbus A380s in its fleet, the same number as Qatar Airways but a far cry from Emirates' 110 super jumbos. Etihad flies its A380s from its hub in Abu Dhabi (AUH) to New York (JFK), London (LHR), Paris (CDG), Seoul (ICN) and Sydney (SYD).

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Etihad has made a number of changes to its A380 routes in recent years, discontinuing service to both Mumbai (BOM) and Melbourne (MEL) and cutting one of two daily frequencies to JFK. Given the restructuring plan the airline has announced after multiple years of billion-dollar losses, it's very possible that we'll see more changes in the way Etihad deploys its A380s.

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But as of right now at least, here are the current flight schedules for Etihad's A380s:

To/from New York (JFK)

  • EY101 Abu Dhabi (AUH) 10:30 am Departure → New York (JFK) 4:25 pm Arrival
  • EY100 New York (JFK) 10:55 pm Departure → Abu Dhabi (AUH) 8:00 pm Arrival +1

To/from London, England (LHR)

  • EY11 Abu Dhabi (AUH) 2:50 am Departure → London (LHR) 7:30 am Arrival
  • EY19 Abu Dhabi (AUH) 8:10 am Departure → London (LHR) 12:50 pm Arrival
  • EY17 Abu Dhabi (AUH) 2:05 pm Departure → London (LHR) 6:45 pm Arrival
  • EY12 London (LHR) 9:35 am Departure → Abu Dhabi (AUH) 7:55 pm Arrival
  • EY20 London (LHR) 3:00 pm Departure → Abu Dhabi (AUH) 1:10 am Arrival +1
  • EY18 London (LHR) 8:45 pm Departure → Abu Dhabi (AUH) 6:55 am Arrival +1

To/from Paris, France (CDG)

  • EY31 Abu Dhabi (AUH) 2:15 am Departure → Paris (CDG) 7:40 am Arrival
  • EY37 Abu Dhabi (AUH) 8:55 am Departure → Paris (CDG) 2:20 pm Arrival
  • EY32 Paris (CDG) 10:30 am Departure → Abu Dhabi (AUH) 7:30 pm Arrival
  • EY38 Paris (CDG) 9:55 pm Departure → Abu Dhabi (AUH) 6:45 am Arrival +1

To/from Sydney, Australia (SYD)

  • EY454 Abu Dhabi (AUH) 9:50 pm Departure → Sydney (SYD) 5:50 pm Arrival +1
  • EY455 Sydney (SYD) 8:55 pm Departure → Abu Dhabi (AUH) 5:35 am Arrival +1

To/from Seoul, South Korea (ICN)

  • EY876 Abu Dhabi (AUH) 10:00 pm Departure → Seoul (ICN) 11:35 am Arrival +1
  • EY873 Seoul (ICN) 12:55 am Departure → Abu Dhabi (AUH) 5:40 am

Cabin layout and seat selection

Until Singapore Airlines released their new Suites design, Etihad was the only carrier to operate an A380 with a single-aisle first-class cabin. Located at the front of the upper deck, the cabin design is absolutely stunning — pictures don't do it justice.

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There are nine Apartments that alternate between forward and rear-facing, as well as between being closer to the window and closer to the aisle. In the front of the cabin, where you'd expect seats 1A and 1C to be, is "The Residence," a three-room mega suite complete with a separate living room, bedroom, bathroom (with a shower, of course) and your own personal butler.

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While there's no such thing as a bad Apartment in Etihad first class, there are some things to be aware of when selecting your seat. Seats 1H, 3A, 3K, 5C and 5H face backwards, while the rest face forward. Additionally, 3A, 3K, 4A and 4K are closer to the window, while the other seats are closer to the aisle.

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You'll have plenty of space to move about your Apartment during the flight, but if window views during takeoff and landing are important to you, try to select rows 3 or 4.

Rows 3 and 4 are also ideal if you're traveling with someone, as there's a partition that can be lowered to connect the seats. It doesn't form a true double bed like you can find on Singapore and Qatar, but with the doors closed, it's about as private as you can get in commercial aviation today.

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Each seat in an Apartment consists of a wide armchair as well as a separate couch that converts into a six-foot, 10-inch bed. Some airlines really skimp out on bedding, even in premium cabins, but this is one area where Etihad excels. In addition to a full turndown service before bedtime, each Apartment comes stocked with an incredibly plush blanket for lounging.

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Each seat also comes with a vanity and full-length mirror opposite the couch, allowing you to freshen up from the privacy of your seat. And of course, there's the shower suite. Like Emirates, Etihad technically has two showers at the front of the cabin, but one is exclusively for passengers in The Residence and can't be used by "regular" first-class passengers, even if The Residence is empty.

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Flight attendants will help you schedule a shower appointment early in the flight so all the Apartment passengers can get a turn. You get five minutes of water, but you can turn it on and off as much as you like and take your time. If you're simply looking to change or use the bathroom, the main first-class bathroom opposite The Residence is spacious and full of soothing tile patterns.

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Etihad is a classic example of why not just which airline you fly matters, but what plane you're flying on. Much of the airline's long-haul fleet — including 777s, certain 787s and A330s — have enclosed first-class suites, but many of them are starting to show their age and they certainly can't match the square footage of the A380 Apartments.

How to book

With one-way tickets from New York to Abu Dhabi starting at $16,000+ in an Etihad Apartment, you'll certainly want to use your miles here. Etihad isn't a member of any of the three major alliances, but there are a few different options for redeeming miles.

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Etihad Guest

Whether or not you plan on booking your award directly through Etihad, the Etihad website is the easiest way to search for award space (unless you have an Expert Flyer subscription). Etihad Guest miles are relatively easy to earn, as they transfer 1:1 from American Express Membership Rewards and Citi ThankYou Rewards. You can also transfer points from Capital One at a 2:1.5 ratio, or from Marriott Bonvoy at a 3:1 ratio, with a 5,000-mile bonus for every 60,000 Marriott points you transfer.

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There are two tiers of awards: "Guest Seat" and "Open Seat," which correspond to the "saver" and "standard" awards we're used to. Open Seat awards are unimaginably expensive (over 870,000 miles for a one-way first-class ticket between JFK and AUH), so we'll ignore those. Oh, and that fancy three-room Residence? While you can technically book it with miles, it will cost you a cool 2.7 million miles. Those are worth about $38,000 based on TPG's latest valuations, and while The Residence is one of the most expensive and exclusive in-flight products, it only costs ~$25,000 to book directly with cash.

You'll generally want to focus on Guest Seat awards, as these are the seats that are both cheapest and available for partner bookings as well. One-way Guest Seat awards cost the following amounts:

From Abu Dhabi (AUH) to...Etihad Guest MilesTaxes/Fees/Surcharges
New York (JFK)136,460~$275
London (LHR)88,048~$235
Paris (CDG)85,325~$235
Sydney (SYD)136,460~$255
Seoul (ICN)110,136~$235

These prices aren't cheap, but they aren't that egregious when you compare them to the rest of the market. For example, ~130,000 miles for an ultra-long-haul first-class ticket is in line with what United charges. The flights to London and Paris are definitely the best if you're looking to experience the product for the fewest miles possible, but since those flights are both under eight hours, you might not have enough time to enjoy the full first-class experience.

Figuring out award availability trends with Etihad is a bit like a game of whack-a-mole. The European destinations generally have some availability if you're flexible with your dates, while the long-haul routes to Sydney and New York get trickier. Sydney is one of Etihad's most popular routes, and finding award space to or from there is difficult, but not impossible. Meanwhile, award space in the direction from Abu Dhabi to New York (AUH-JFK) is often much better than the reverse flight (JFK-AUH), but there are weeks that don't have even a single seat available in either direction.

Like many airlines, Etihad often releases a large amount of last-minute award space. Earlier this year at one point a week before departure, award space for 11 out of the 18 total Apartment seats departing JFK were available, with 7 more seats from Paris. Etihad appears to have tightened up a bit since then, but if you're flexible with your travel plans it's still worth keeping an eye on the last minute availability.

American AAdvantage

In the past, American Airlines miles have been considered the "go-to" option for most U.S.-based travelers when booking an Etihad Apartment, and the recent addition of Seoul to Etihad's A380 rotation makes AAdvantage even more compelling. One way saver (Guest Seat) first-class awards cost the following amounts:

  • U.S. to Middle East: 115,000 miles
  • Europe to Middle East: 62,500 miles
  • Australia to Middle East: 100,000 miles
  • Asia 1 to Middle East: 50,000 miles

Far and away the best deal here is for flights from Seoul (ICN) to Abu Dhabi. AAdvantage has incredibly generous pricing for flights between Asia and the Middle East, and I managed to book two Etihad apartment awards for my girlfriend and me for 100,000 AAdvantage miles total. With some help from Etihad's Twitter support team, we even reserved connecting seats for our upcoming trip!

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The exact taxes and fees vary, but are generally quite reasonable. Unfortunately, even if you've found award space, you might have trouble booking these awards. Although AA shows most partner award space on its website -- including Etihad -- you'll may still need to call in to book. American's U.S.-based agents often can't see Etihad award space on their end (note that this problem primarily affects flights to and from the U.S. or Sydney — AA phone agents were able to help me book two tickets from Seoul quite easily).

Many people instead call the Australian AA call center as a workaround, but that can be hit and miss. Often, your best bet is to HUCA (hang up and call again) and hope that your skill in finding the award space is graced by just a little bit of luck.

Asiana Club

Asiana is a unique Star Alliance loyalty program. It passes on carrier-imposed surcharges which can make award tickets quite expensive, but it balances that downside with incredibly cheap redemption rates. Other than crediting Star Alliance flights to Asiana, the best way to acquire these miles is by transferring 3:1 from Marriott, with a 5,000-mile bonus for transfers of 60,000 points.

Here are the one-way award costs for Etihad first class Apartments:

  • U.S. to Middle East: 80,000 miles
  • Europe to Middle East: 40,000 miles
  • Australia to Middle East: 110,000 miles

These are some of the cheapest prices we've seen across the board, and make Asiana a very compelling way to book. But I hate blowing so many Marriott points on a single redemption, and the high surcharges eat away at the value, especially for flights to and from Europe.

Korean Air SkyPass

Unfortunately Korean Air is no longer a transfer partner of Chase Ultimate Rewards, but if you have any SkyPass miles that you transferred over before the partnership ended, you can redeem them for flights on Etihad using the following award chart:

The ultimate guide to Etihad's A380 first-class apartment - The Points Guy (12)

The Korean Air booking process can be a bit convoluted, but our guide on how to book award flights with Korean Air SkyPass should help you walk through some of the tricky details, including registering family members and putting awards on hold.

You can only book round-trip partner awards with Korean SkyPass, but the rates are relatively reasonable, though the surcharges are not ideal. For instance, 120,000 miles round-trip between Europe and Abu Dhabi is great, but if you're flying out of London, taxes and surcharges will likely exceed $500. Even 210,000 miles for a round-trip from New York or Sydney to Abu Dhabi isn't bad, but it's not a steal either.

Bottom line

Flying first class in an Etihad Apartment is a true bucket list item. Due to the small number of A380s in the Etihad fleet, it's possibly even more elusive than Emirates first class. Between the ongoing trend we've seen over the last few years where first-class award tickets continue to get outrageously more expensive, along with the financial instability of Etihad, this is a bucket-list item I'd seek to cross off sooner rather than later.

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While declining demand has put the A380 program on the chopping block, the incredible amount of space aboard the double-decker whale jet has given airlines

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Etihad’s unique first class product, including what the Apartment is like, where to find it and how to book these coveted award seats.. Etihad’s A380.. Until Singapore Airlines released their new Suites design last year , Etihad was the only carrier to operate an A380 with a single aisle first class cabin.. (Photo by Zach Honig / The Points Guy)Flight attendants will help you schedule a shower appointment early in the flight so all the Apartment passengers can get a turn.. Award space on a random week in March 2019 from Abu Dhabi to New York.Award space on the reverse trip from New York to Abu Dhabi is much harder to find.Like many airlines, Etihad often releases a large amount of last minute award space.. Unfortunately, even if you’ve found award space, you might have trouble booking these awards.. You can only book round-trip partner awards with Korean SkyPass, but the rates are relatively reasonable, though the surcharges are not ideal.. For instance, 120,000 miles round-trip between Europe and Abu Dhabi is great, but if you’re flying out of London, taxes and surcharges will likely exceed $500.

Everything you could ever want to know about Etihad's three-room Residence aboard its A380, from routes to onboard experience to tricks for booking.

Where else will you find a private bedroom with a double bed in the sky?While the Residence is only available on a limited number of Etihad aircraft and routes, it flies to popular destinations like New York and London.. EY101: Abu Dhabi (AUH) → 10:30 a.m. departure → New York (JFK) 4:25 p.m. EY100: New York (JFK) → 10:55 p.m. departure → Abu Dhabi (AUH) 8:00 p.m. (+1 day). EY11 Abu Dhabi (AUH) → 2:50 a.m. departure → London (LHR) 7:30 a.m. EY19 Abu Dhabi (AUH) → 8:10 a.m. departure → London (LHR) 12:50 p.m. EY25 Abu Dhabi (AUH) → 1:15 p.m. departure → London (LHR) 5:55 p.m. EY12 London (LHR) → 9:35 a.m. departure → Abu Dhabi (AUH) 7:55 p.m. EY20 London (LHR) → 3:00 p.m. departure → Abu Dhabi (AUH) 1:10 a.m. (+1 day) EY26 London (LHR) → 9:20 p.m. departure → Abu Dhabi (AUH) 7:30 a.m. (+1 day). EY454 Abu Dhabi (AUH) → 9:50 p.m. departure → Sydney (SYD) 6:50 p.m. (+1 day) EY455 Sydney (SYD) → 9:55 p.m. departure → Abu Dhabi (AUH) 5:35 a.m. (+1 day). You can actually book awards in the Residence using Etihad Guest Miles and awards are plentiful.. Back in 2015/2016, you could occasionally book the Etihad Residence comparatively cheaply — less than $5,000 each way — by booking it on the short route from Abu Dhabi (AUH) to Mumbai (BOM).. To book a Residence award, you’re going to need Etihad Guest miles since these awards are not open to partners programs like American Airlines AAdvantage or Korean Air SkyPass.. RouteMiles and Fees Abu Dhabi – New York2,735,250 + $74New York – Abu Dhabi3,022,222 + $30Abu Dhabi – London2,198,487 + $33London – Abu Dhabi1,231,293 + $266Abu Dhabi – Paris1,834,493 + $33Paris – Abu Dhabi1,260,976 + $119Abu Dhabi – Sydney2,157,640 + $57Sydney – Abu Dhabi2,167,041 + $70Abu Dhabi – Seoul1,446,293 + $33Seoul – Abu Dhabi1,253,939 + $25

Etihad stunned #avgeeks and casual travelers alike when it unveiled its unprecedented three-room Residence aboard the Airbus A380 back in 2014, blowing

Flying Etihad’s Residence was one of TPG’s most memorable flights.Along with a bedroom, living room and lavatory (with shower!). Where else will you find a private bedroom with a double bed in the sky?While the Residence is only available on a limited number of Etihad aircraft and routes, it flies to popular destinations like New York and London.. Currently, Etihad flies A380s with the Residence on the following routes with the corresponding flight numbers.. Etihad flies the Residence on up to three flights to London daily.. Image via Getty Images.The first route operated by Etihad’s A380s with the Residence and the Apartment, it is flown by up to three A380s a day in each direction.. You can actually book awards in the Residence using Etihad Guest Miles and awards are plentiful.. However, you’ve got to have millions of miles to spare.

Etihad's Apartment provides an excellent first class seat and bed, as well as the opportunity to shower in the sky. Here's what it's like.

[tpg_rating ticket-class="first" tpg-rating-score="87" ground-experience="14" cabin-seat="19" amens-ife="14" food-bev="22" service="18" pros="Comfortable onboard product with plenty of space and a true bed, solid on-demand dining, excellent lounge experience, soft and well-fitting pajamas, a shower on board and friendly service" cons="Lackluster ground experience, except for the lounge; intrusive noise -- could clearly hear toilet flushes from my seat and multiple loud announcements in the cabin while passengers were trying to sleep" /]. Because I didn't necessarily expect to take this flight and couldn't choose a seat online through American or Etihad, I didn't take the time to call Etihad to reserve a seat when I booked.. There was a premium-passenger seating area for first class, business class and Etihad elites at the gate, but it didn't feel very premium as there were no open seats nor any power outlets at the seats.. When I reached the upper deck aircraft door, the agent who was greeting passengers handed my boarding pass to another flight attendant, who introduced herself and guided me to my seat.. Apartment 1H felt private for most of the flight because of its location at the front of the cabin near the staircase (which wasn't used before, during or after the flight).. Throughout the flight, I could clearly hear the toilet flush, and the area near my seat was noticeably louder once passengers began to shower near the end of the flight.. The flight attendant who showed me the lounge area, said this is common during daytime flights, noting that first-class passengers usually remain in their Apartments instead.. Champagne : Charles Heidsieck Brut 2006 and Charles Heidsieck Rosé 2006 White wine : Hyde de Villaine Chardonnay 2014, Pascal Jolivet Sancerre Les Caillottes Sauvignon Blanc 2018, Château La Nerthe Grenache Blanc 2015, Gavi Del Comune Di Gavi Enrico Serafino Cortese 2016 Red wine : Petit-Figeac Bordeaux Blend 2012, Kalleske Shiraz Greenock Single Vineyard 2017, Wooing Tree Pinot Noir 2017 and Clos De Los Siete Malbec Blend 2015 Dessert wine : Château Doisy-Védrines Sémillon Blend 1999 Fortified : Graham's 20 Year Old Tawny Port Aperitifs : Martini Bianco and Campari Cocktails : Mojito, Americano cocktail and Brass Monkey Mocktails : Iced tea, Pommeade and Orange Fizz Beer : Stella Artois, Peroni, Corona and Leffe Blond Spirits : Royal Salute 21YO, Glenlivet Master Distiller's Reserve Single Malt Whisky, Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey, Grey Goose Vodka, Russian Standard Platinum Vodka, Hendrick's Gin and Bacardi Superior Rum Digestif : Remy Martin Cellar Master '28 Liqueurs : Amarula Cream and Grand Marnier Water : Al Ain Sparkling and Al Ain Still Juices : Orange, lemon and mint, carrot, apple, mango and tomato Soft drinks : Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Sprite, Fever Tree Tonic Water, Fever Tree Ginger Ale, Fever Tree Soda Water Coffee : Espresso, macchiato, latte, cappuccino, American filter, decaffeinated filter Tea : English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Sulaimani, Jasmine Green, Sencha Green, Moroccan Mint and Camomile. A flight attendant showed me to my seat and served me a predeparture drink of my choice.. And, because the flight attendants encouraged passengers to use the call button or IFE-ordering system for drinks, I found the service time to be extremely quick when I ordered drinks or pressed the call button.. Instead I was assisted by multiple flight attendants and the chef.This resulted in some miscommunication and didn't provide the sense of consistency I've gotten in premium cabins on other flights.

Here is my review of Etihad's amazing First Class Apartment on the A380 between London and Abu Dhabi. Does it live up the hype? Read and see.

This is my review of Etihad’s A380 First Class Apartment on a flight from London to Abu Dhabi.. With the possible exception of the First Class Suites on the Singapore Airlines A380 fleet, there is little doubt that Etihad’s First Class Apartment on its A380 aircraft is one of the top experiences that any frequent flyer would want to try.. On the way home, on Emirates, I finally cracked and agreed to have a shower, after having turned down the opportunity on my three previous Etihad and Emirates First Class flights.. However, you can earn Etihad Guest miles by converting Membership Rewards points earned from selected UK American Express cards .. The cards above all earn 1 Membership Rewards point per £1 spent on your card, which converts to 1 Etihad Guest mile.

Editor's note: We always travel incognito for the flights and hotel stays we review. Since we would be filming extensively in all service classes, Etihad

The Etihad Airways A380 features four classes of service: economy , business , first class aka Apartments and The Residence , the ultra-exclusive class above first that only Etihad has.. Etihad has its own lounge at JFK, for both business and first-class passengers, although passengers flying in the Residence can enter a separate lounge-within-a-lounge through a secret door.. This is the front seat on the right-hand side, with a rear-facing seat, set away from the window.. Two mattresses are put on top of the flattened bench, and it is then made up with a soft and comfortable comforter and pillow set.. Menus were waiting on seats at the start of the flight and the onboard chef was excited to tell me that I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.. The whole setup is very comfortable, with the only gripe being the slightly hard bed (but that is personal preference) and the lack of major recline on the seat.. With some decent point-redemption options, the Etihad Apartment is really something you must experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to jump on board again, maybe next time on an even longer flight.

A look at A380 first class on Emirates, Etihad and Singapore Airlines, including an overview of what to expect onboard and how to book using points and miles.

However, not every airline took advantage of all of the space this jumbo jet has to offer.. Many carriers opted for larger versions of their standard first class seats, but a small number of A380 operators used this jet to redefine luxury travel.. And here's TPG's own video review of his experience onboard Singapore's new suites:. Meanwhile the front of the cabin features a display bar showing off the high-end alcohol Emirates serves.. Toward the end of the flight, the flight attendants will transform this into a soothing tea display.. Both of the first-class bathrooms double as shower suites, with each passenger allotted five minutes of water.. Singapore's A380 first class product is better known as Singapore Suites, and the carrier actually operates two different configurations.. The older version features 12 suites spread across the lower deck of the A380 in a 1-2-1 configuration, including the first double bed to ever fly.. While I haven't had the chance to try it myself, Etihad's blanket is supposed to be incredibly plush, to the point that several people have told me they wish they could buy one for their bed at home.. From there, you can either order off the onboard menu or pre-order using the "Book the Cook" feature.. Thankfully, you have several options to use points and miles to fly each.. These planes currently fly to the following destinations out of Singapore:. As far as award availability goes, you'll almost certainly be restricted to booking Singapore Suites through the carrier's own KrisFlyer program, and as you'd expect for such a luxurious product, award availability is quite scarce.. However, the program does allow you to waitlist for an award, which can be a fantastic option if your ideal itinerary isn't available at the time of booking.

Flying Etihad's First Class Apartment on the Airbus A380 is an opulent experience. How to redeem Velocity points, Etihad Guest miles or AAdvantage miles.

Travelling in Premium Economy, Business or First Class for me is all about the seat – as a tall guy with long legs, I really value the space and comfort, much more so than food, wine or champagne.. Etihad First Class Apartments really delivered.. It’s unlike any other seat or cabin I’ve experienced, and we’re fortunate to have two cities in Australia receiving daily service – and the ability for those with larger Velocity balances to redeem their points for it.. First Apartments, as opposed to regular First Class, are only available on Etihad’s Airbus A380 fleet, which currently service the following destinations from Etihad’s Abu Dhabi hub:. Sydney 1x daily Melbourne 1x daily London 3x daily Paris 1x daily (seasonal summer service from 1 July to 28 October 2017) New York 3x daily Mumbai 1x daily (until 30 June 2017). [etihadredemptionguide]Read our full guide to redeeming Velocity Points for Etihad flights here →[/etihadredemptionguide]. Seatmap for Etihad A380 First Class Apartment. There’s room for around six guests, and is really useful for Business Class passengers – but given the amount of space you have in First Apartments, I can’t see many First Class passengers using it much unless they know people travelling in Business Class too.. A few hours later, I kicked into the full Etihad First Class dining experience.. Somewhat the pieces de resistance, Etihad has a single shower for First Apartments passengers which can be reserved or requested during the flight for a single 5 minute shower (water time).. In Sydney, Melbourne, New York JFK, London Heathrow and Paris, you’ll gain access to the Etihad Airways First & Business Class Lounge.. If you have points with American Express Membership Rewards that you can transfer over to Etihad Guest or AAdvantage via Starwood Preferred Guest, you will be able to pick up a redemption at a higher points price than Velocity, but saving more cash.

Here's what it's like to fly in one of the world's best first-class seats, Etihad's Apartment aboard the A380, from New York to Abu Dhabi.

My bid to upgrade to first class was successful!I tried to log into my reservation on Etihad’s website to select a seat, and even though my reservation now said first class, I kept getting an error message when I tried to choose a seat.. No one was manning the first-class desk, so I checked in at the business-class one instead.I made my way through security and headed to the Etihad Premium Lounge — highlights included being able to order à la carte options like lamb chops and vegetable garam masala, comfortable seating areas overlooking the tarmac and a swanky bar that I wouldn’t mind patronizing in real life thanks to some tasty signature cocktails and a phenomenal staff.. I use the word “seat” loosely, because Etihad’s Apartments are more like small living rooms rather than actual seats.. As you can see, some seats face backwards.However, when it comes to seat selection, there are a few factors to consider.. 1H, the seat across from The Residence, faces the rear.Because of the layout, though, some seats have chairs that are closer to the aisle while some are closer to the window.. Some seats are right on the aisle.For me, the most important factor was for my seat to have a chair closer to the window for more privacy.. A shot of the bench and monitor of a seat that's closer to the aisle.As for storage, there are no overhead bins, so the flight attendants took my carry-on and stowed it for me (though I could get it back at any time if I needed anything) and I put my backpack under the bench in my Apartment, where there was plenty of room for it.. My seat faced rear and was closer to the window, with plenty of storage underneath the bench.These are among the most advanced seats in the skies, with touchscreen controls, lights and plugs everywhere, it felt like.. A shot of the chair portion of my seat.In the chair’s armrest you'll find controls for the chair itself, including settings for takeoff, landing and relaxing, as well as a button that moves the seat portion forward so you can put your feet up on the bench.. The seating and lighting controls.Above this, in the paneling, is the touchscreen control for the in-flight entertainment system — you can actually watch separate content on this device at the same time as whatever you’re watching on the IFE screen (which is also a touchscreen, but more on that later).. Watch as your bench transforms into a cozy twin bed.Since there were a few empty seats in the cabin, I asked the flight attendants to make one of them up into a bed for me to photograph while everyone was still awake and the cabin was still light — that way I could snap away without disturbing anyone.. Another seat with the pillow closer to the aisle.If the cabin is cold, you can also use the fleece that’s waiting for you at your seat when you board the plane.. Signature grills of salmon, beef striploin or chicken breast with a choice of sides (including potato gratin, pommes Pont Neuf or chef’s seasonal vegetables) and sauces veal jus, truffle oil, pink peppercorn hollandaise Steak frites beef medallions with fries, roasted tomatoes and béarnaise Made-to-order sandwiches like a turkey BLT Shrimp quesadillas with guacamole The signature Etihad steak sandwich with red onion marmalade, melted cheese, mayonnaise and wholegrain mustard Vanilla cheesecake with berry coulis or rhubarb pie. Not only was the seat (area) itself one of the most special experiences I’ve had in the skies, but the service was also phenomenal, from the moment my chauffeur picked me up in New York to the time I deplaned in Abu Dhabi.. How do you go back to a normal seat after this?Etihad’s food service is second to none, with onboard chefs and the ability to enjoy anything off the menu at any given time.

Flying Etihad's First Class Apartment on the Airbus A380 is an opulent experience. How to redeem Velocity points, Etihad Guest miles or AAdvantage miles.

First Apartments, as opposed to regular First Class, are only available on Etihad’s Airbus A380 fleet, which currently services the following destinations from Etihad’s Abu Dhabi hub:. Etihad Guest has less visibility in the market but Etihad Guest miles are transferrable from American Express Membership Rewards or Citi Rewards as a Citi Prestige cardholder.. There’s no AAdvantage-linked credit card in the market in Australia but AAdvantage miles can be earned via cards linked to both Membership Rewards and Diners Club Rewards – for American Express Membership Rewards, you can transfer to AAdvantage via Marriott Rewards .. There’s room for around six guests, and is really useful for Business Class passengers – but given the amount of space you have in First Apartments, I can’t see many First Class passengers using it much unless they know people travelling in Business Class too.. If you have points with American Express Membership Rewards or Citi Rewards that you can transfer over to Etihad Guest, you will be able to pick up a redemption at a higher points price than Velocity, but saving more cash.

A detailed Etihad A380 First Class Apartment review, featuring pictures and commentary on Etihad's outstanding first class product offered exclusively aboard the A380-800. Find out about first class meals, drinks, service, amenities, showers, seats, and IFE. Also includes a peak in business class.

Boarding started a bit late and I soon found myself onboard the beautiful upper deck of the Etihad A380.. Other than Singapore’s new suites, there is not a more spacious first class product available.. One side of the suite contains a long couch that folds out into a spacious bed.. Even so, I found many excellent choices.. I ordered mezze with a side salad, followed by lamb loin with rhubarb, beetroot, and carrots.. Now, the moment of truth arrived.. Moments after finishing, the chef brought out a nicely-arranged fruit and cheese course.. Folks, scheduled flight time was 3hr20min and actual flight time was only 2.5 hours.. There was no time left for a shower, though I did at least check it out.. No amenity kit was offered on this flight.. Directly behind the first class cabin and galley, Etihad carved out a small lounge for first class passengers to congregate during the flight.. You can see what I ordered above and the cabin was full (except for The Residence).. That made service less personal and more abrupt, but I do not hold it against the FAs.. Excellent noise-cancelling headphones are offered.. If only Etihad was profitable…

In this article, I explain how you can snag a First Class award seat on the Abu Dahbi based airline Etihad Airways for just a few bucks.

Today (May 8, 2020): how to book Etihad Airways’ First Class Apartments with miles.. Have you ever booked an award seat in Etihad Airways’ First Class cabin?. Book an Etihad Airways award ticket with miles Etihad Airways has several partner airlines, which means that you can use your miles (collected with one of these carrier’s frequent flyer programs) to book a free award seats on Etihad Airways (although you’ll still have to pay some taxes, fees and carrier charges).. Etihad Airways’ own frequent flyer program Etihad Guest is the most straightforward way to book Etihad award tickets.. American Airlines’ frequent flyer program AAdvantage program is an excellent (and my preferred way) to book Etihad Airways First Class award tickets (despite the program’s devaluation in 2016).. You can boost your frequent account with your credit card spendings as most frequent flyer programs are 1:1 transfer partner with the top travel credit card rewards programs: American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Citi ThankYou.. Best routes to book a Etihad Airways First Class award Etihad Airways First Class Apartments are only installed on the carrier’s subfleet of 10 Airbus A380 planes and thus only offered on selected routes.

The Etihad Airways First Apartment Class on the A380 is the best first class cabin in the sky - and I flew on it for only 40,000 miles!

When we boarded ( upstairs is where First Apartment and Business Class are located ) the business class passengers went to the right and I was passed off to a flight attendant to be shown to my seat ( which I had previously selected as 4A ).. The First Apartment cabin as viewed from my apartment. In fact, while I was waiting for my bed to be made up, I was taken to the lounge area ( for business class and First Apartment customers ) by Georgina.. She did set up a business class seat for me to get in as a bed to try it out and it was much more spacious that other business class seats I have enjoyed.. For sure, the Business Class seats on the Etihad A380 are nothing to look down on!. “My” First Apartment, Seat 4A. There was just the right amount of space between the seat and the couch ( which converts to a bed ) so that I had room to walk but also could perfectly stretch out from the seat.. The seat controls and small storage compartment. It only takes a few moments and then you have a nice, comfortable bed in your apartment!. Early on in the flight, a flight attendant came around the cabin asking passengers when they wanted to use the shower.. The seat controls and small storage compartment. The service was excellent, the onboard staff was great, and the hard product was the best I have ever enjoyed.

Flying Etihad first class on an A380 is definitely one of my best flight experiences so far. The airline is based in Abu Dhabi and offers a so called apartment on the upper deck of the largest passenger aircraft in the world. Besides real in-flight chefs, Etihad also offers the …

Flying Etihad first class on an A380 is definitely one of my best flight experiences so far.. Besides real in-flight chefs, Etihad also offers the possibility to take a shower on board!. What I also like about Etihad is that passengers can choose the time they want the meal to be brought to them during the flight.. Then, course number 4 was served.. Etihad is one of the fewer airlines that offers a shower on board to its first class passengers.. The real experience is starting when you board the aircraft.. What I like about Etihad is that passengers can choose when during the flight their meal will be served.. The bar and taking a shower onboard made this one of the best first class flight experiences ever!

If you read my review of Etihad's A380 Business Class Studio, you know that I was not super impressed with it, but I was also just biding my time to step

Etihad First Class Apartment This was that next flight .. With a one-way sticker price from Abu Dhabi to JFK of about $8,800, the Etihad First Class Apartment, this isn’t a flight most people can afford to pay for.. Our 14.5 hour flight became a 16.5 hour flight to Dulles and another flight in the Apartment the next day to JFK, with another 5 hours onboard.. To book, you need to find the flights on the Etihad website (guest seat availability is what needs to be available) or ExpertFlyer and then call to the AA call center in Australia using Skype.. For the very latest in how to book these awards, there is a thread on Flyertalk that addresses, specifically, booking Etihad (EY) flights with AA miles.. You may have read about the car service that Etihad provides to First Class passengers, but that no longer applies to award bookings made with any currency other than Etihad’s own miles.. Etihad AUH Lounge: Relaxation RoomThe rest of the lounge, which is for both First and Business Class passengers, was gorgeous.. Etihad First Class SeatEtihad First Class ApartmentEtihad First Class MirrorAdjoining Etihad First Class ApartmentsAdjoining Etihad First Class ApartmentsEtihad First Class ApartmentEtihad First Class Apartment. Etihad First Class Apartment – Doors ClosedNow it’s a bit tough to write about the experience all linearly like a “typical” flight review.. I’m not going to mince words here: It’s unacceptable for passengers in a First Class cabin as premium as the Etihad Apartment is supposed to be to have to deal with such a messy Wifi situation.. I’ll note that since I took this flight, Etihad has announced you can now have 90MB free in First Class.. While there wouldn’t be much reason for someone in a First Class Apartment to visit the lounge on their own, they might if they had a friend in Business Class.

A detailed Etihad A380 First Class review, featuring commentary and pictures about service, food, drinks, and seating in Etihad's beautiful Apartments.

After a couple hours in the Etihad Lounge , boarding was called for our flight to Abu Dhabi.. It my wife’s first time and Etihad and it was my first time on Etihad.. The pictures below include both 5C and 5H, our two seats.. Etihad offers a lounge between first class and business class.. I was offered potato soup while Heidi was offered a beautiful green salad.

What is Etihad's A380 First Class Apartment like on the nearly 14 hour flight from Abu Dhabi to New York? Here's my experience.

Yesterday I flew Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi to New York, which I booked using Etihad Guest miles (they’re transfer partners with Amex Membership Rewards and Citi ThankYou).. 4x points at restaurants 4x points at U.S. supermarkets, on up to $25,000 in purchases annually 3x points on flights booked directly with airlines or through $250. Earn 4x Membership Rewards points on airfare purchased directly from airlines Access to Amex Offers Redeem Amex Points Towards Airfare $295. Earn 5x points on flights purchased directly from airlines or through Amex Travel (up to $500k/year) $200 Annual Uber Credit Amex Centurion Lounge Access $695. Earn 3x Points on Airfare Earn 3x Points on Hotels Earn 3x Points at Restaurants $95. I’ve flown the Etihad First Class Apartment several times before (including on their inaugural A380 flight ), though at this point it has been over two years since my last flight on this plane.. It’s located at the front of the upper deck and has just a single aisle, with a total of nine first class seats, known as “Apartments.” Then there’s also the “Residence,” which is Etihad’s three room suite with butler service, though it’s typically empty.. On this flight all first class seats were occupied, though the Residence was empty.. Etihad’s A380 first class is among the most spacious seats in the sky in terms of the square feet per passenger, and no doubt it’s an extremely impressive product.. The food really impressed me on this flight, and the addition of caviar better differentiates their first class catering from their business class catering.. As far as other amenities go, the Etihad A380 has “The Lobby,” which is a shared space between first and business class.. Etihad also has two lavatories at the front of the first class cabin, and one of them has a shower.. This might have been my best Etihad first class flight yet — the crew was friendly, Etihad added a caviar service, and they didn’t run out of food.. Etihad’s US-bound flights make American’s 767s look operationally reliable by comparison.. If you’ve flown Etihad’s A380 first class lately, what was your experience like?

One of the best commercial cabins around is Etihad's First Apartment. This post will show you everything you need to know to lock your own trip in before the devaluation.

If this is you and this is an award you want to book, here is how you can book Etihad’s First Apartment using American Airline miles.. Another option is to put the flight on hold ( you can hold award tickets for 5 days before ticketing ) and then call the US number to actually book the ticket.. If you try to fly from Europe to Australia using Etihad as your carrier, you will need to book as separate awards for a total of 100,000 miles for first class.. If you want to fly Etihad all the way, it will cost you 90,000 miles for US to Abu Dhabi and then another 60,000 for Abu Dhabi to Australia.. Thanks to AA’s award rules, you could book something now on a different Etihad flight to Abu Dhabi and then pay the close-in booking fee of $75 to change it if you can book the A380 within 21 days of departure.

The in-depth review from my spectacular flight on the Etihad Airways A380 First Class Apartments at the tail end of my trip to the Maldives. A truly revolutionary flying experience, featuring a double bed and a shower in the sky, world-class dining, and much more.

Each row consists of two Apartments except Row 1, where Seat 1B is the Apartment sitting opposite The Residence in Seat 1A.. Let’s take a seat, and we’ll have a look around.. Etihad Airways A380 First Class Apartments – Welcome trayLater on, just before takeoff, it was time to place our meal order with the flight attendant.. Etihad Airways A380 First Class Apartments – CaviarFor our appetizer, Jessy and I had been somewhat intrigued by the beef sliders on the menu, since it isn’t exactly something you’d expect to be served on a plane.. And as Jessy went to take her shower, I first took the time to explore the Etihad Airways A380’s other unmissable feature: the onboard bar and lounge that’s shared between First Class and business class passengers.. Before long, it was time for my shower.. And that brings me to my last point: best of all, not only are the Etihad Apartments an incredible way to fly, but they’ve now been “democratized” for Canadian points collectors thanks to Aeroplan’s new partnership with Etihad Airways , and I know many of you have booked upcoming trips on the Etihad Apartments for yourselves.

Review of the Etihad A380 First Class Apartment between Abu Dhabi and Sydney. Here's what one of the world's best first class products is like.

I’ve reviewed Etihad’s incredible A380 first class many times at this point, including from Abu Dhabi to London , Abu Dhabi to New York , and New York to Abu Dhabi .. Etihad 454Abu Dhabi (AUH) – Sydney (SYD)Monday, January 4Depart: 10:05PMArrive: 7:15PM (+1 day)Duration: 14hr10minAircraft: Airbus A380 Seat: 1H (First Class Apartment). Etihad A380 first class cabin. Etihad First Class Apartment, seat 1H. Etihad First Class Apartment, seat 1H. Etihad First Class Apartment, seat 1H. Etihad First Class Apartment, seat 1H. Etihad first class dinner table setting. Etihad first class dinner — garlic bread. Etihad first class dinner — Arabic chickpea soup. Etihad first class dinner — sorbet. Etihad first class dinner — beef tenderloin. Etihad first class dinner — beef tenderloin. Etihad A380 first class shower. Etihad first class afternoon tea

My full review of the Etihad First Class Residence & Apartment. I was able to see the Residence in private and get a feel what it feels like to fly in the world’s most expensive and innovative seat in the world.

The Etihad First. Apartment Experience. There were only two showers in the lounge, so I decided to first take a shower before the lounge got busy.. Since I was planning on having a brief tour of the Residence, Etihad rolled out its Residence boarding experience for me, so I was able to board before everyone else, including other first class passengers.. The Apartment seats are so big that only one seat can fit on each side of the plane.. The on board chef then came by, introduced himself to each first class passenger, and personally took our orders.. The Residence bathroom is very similar to the one for First Class Apartment guests, except that it's your own private shower.. After a few minutes, the flight attendant came back and let me know that my shower was ready.. Unlike Emirates, Etihad doesn't have any shower attendants or a first class bar on board.


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