How to Track USPS Package Without Tracking Number Effectively (2023)

A Guide on How to Track USPS Package Without Tracking Number Effectively

Imagine it is a regular working day, and one of your customers calls your office to inquire about their package. You quickly pull out some files on your computer or try to find the mailing receipt.

How to Track USPS Package Without Tracking Number Effectively (1)

But what happens if you cannot locate them? You might ask yourself how to track USPS package without a tracking number.

It can complicate everything because losing the tracking number can cut all ties to finding your package. So, is there a way to track USPS package without tracking number to avoid the consequences?

Fortunately, yes! Read on to discover the several methods to employ when you lose your tracking numbers and how to manage your mail better.

What Is a Tracking Number?

The tracking number helps you check the delivery status of your envelopes and packages. It lets you stay updated and inform your intended recipients about the estimated arrival dates.

You must keep this number safe because t is puzzling to find package without tracking number USPS, leaving no clues about its journey and arrival.

A tracking number comprises a string of numbers on the mailing receipt. Please note that you only get it when you send your mailpiece via a USPS-tracked service!

Before you find USPS package without tracking number, try to learn where to locate it in the mailing receipt. Here are some examples:

9205 1111 0000 0000 0000 00 (Priority Mail)

9407 6111 0000 0000 0000 00 (Certified Mail)

CP 000 000 000 US (Priority Mail International)

How to Track Mail Using the Tracking Number?

Tracking numbers help you see your package delivery status as it travels throughout the USPS infrastructure. They show you the progress details at every stage, from the origin to the delivery point.

But many people ask- How to track USPS without tracking number?

Before we get into how to finish tracking USPS without tracking number, let us learn how to track items.

You can visit the USPS website and navigate to its tracking tool. Please enter up to 35 numbers and separate them with a space or comma.

Click on ‘Track’ to see a list of your sent packages with their delivery statuses. You can also call 1-800-222-1811 or text USPS at 28777.

Can You Track USPS Envelopes and Packages Without a Tracking Number?

Yes! You may track your parcels and other mail items without using the tracking number.

We understand how confusing it can be to lose your mailing receipt or deal with a deleted email having all the details. You might wonder- Is it possible to track usps package without tracking number?

You may complete tracking USPS without tracking number by filing a Missing Mail Search request. But it is advisable to contact the Post Office only after your package fails to arrive at the destination on time.

If you need to find package without tracking number USPS often, signing up for an Informed Delivery account is the best option! It enables recipients to see their incoming mail details and manage arrival timings.

They can modify the delivery time, add instructions, or forward mail to another address using an Informed Delivery account. The dashboard lets you check your current and past package information.

What Does Informed Delivery Mean?

The USPS Informed Delivery option aims at helping customers be aware of their incoming mail items. It lets them stay home to collect the parcel or redirect delivery according to their requirements.

Informed Delivery is your best bet if you want to track USPS package without tracking number and check delivery status. You can sign up for a free account on the Post Office website by entering a few details, like your name and address. USPS also asks for a government-issued ID to verify your identity.

The Informed Delivery feature is ideal for tracking USPS without tracking number because it provides several options. They can preview scanned pictures of their incoming mail items, including postcards, letters, and parcels. It lets them stay home to collect the crucial mailers and ignore the rest.

You may use Informed Delivery to find package without tracking number USPS if you live in a qualified ZIP code and locality. Try checking the eligibility on the USPS website before signing up.

How to Track Mailpieces With Informed Delivery?

When you sign up for Informed Delivery, please enter the address you want to track to get the relevant mailing notifications. Once your account is ready, sign in using your phone or computer device to track USPS package without tracking number in a few simple steps.

Click on the ‘Track and Manage’ button on the USPS dashboard to find USPS package without tracking number and without hassles. Choose ‘My USPS’ to get information on your incoming mailpieces. You may see a page with all received and out-for-delivery packages. USPS also allows you to view individual items to help add instructions or forward mail.

How to Track USPS Without Tracking Number If You Don’t Use Informed Delivery?

Customers often ask questions, like- how to track a USPS package without a tracking number.

Informed Delivery makes the tracking of your envelopes and packages easier and faster. It helps you manage your mailers according to your preferences.

If you don’t have an Informed Delivery account, try entering a reference number for tracking USPS without tracking number on the Post Office website.

USPS offers a ‘track by reference’ feature to help people find their packages. Ensure you have the reference number on your mailing receipt or label.

You can also contact the sender to acquire the package details. Ask them for the tracking number or inquire if they can help you with the delivery status and estimated arrival dates.

Can I Track Items by Name and Address?

It is convenient and speedy to track mailpieces using your address. You may visit the Post Office to find package without tracking number USPS using your home or office address. The USPS employees might run a check for your incoming mail items and tell you the status. However, locating your items without the mailing receipt is possible only when you have other details.

You can use your Informed Delivery account to search mailpieces by shipping address. Though USPS only allows one account per mailing address, it is an excellent option to track USPS package without tracking number and prevent confusion.

Please remember it is hard to track packages using the recipient’s name. Most addresses have multiple residents, but the Post Office only has tabs on the primary recipients.

It is also time-consuming and unreliable to find USPS package without tracking number using only one name.

Where Can You Find Your Tracking Number?

You can track your envelopes and parcels using your tracking number. But what can you do if you cannot find it?

Informed Delivery assists you with tracking USPS without tracking number, but you may apply several other methods.

Look for the mailing receipt from the USPS after shipping your item. Check your car, wallet, grocery bag, drawer, etc., before filing a Search request. The tracking number is available at the bottom of the receipt or label, helping you avoid worrying about- tracking USPS without tracking number.

Before you track USPS package without tracking number, try finding an online copy of the mailing receipt on your devices. Otherwise, check your insurance slip (if you have one).

Most Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express items have insurance coverage. It helps you get an insurance slip that carries the tracking number. Use this number to get the delivery reports via the USPS website or app.

USPS drops a confirmation email to help you find USPS package without tracking number, primarily if you use its online tools to ship your items. Look for these messages in your inbox and spam folders. You can also search keywords like ‘in transit,’ ‘USPS,’ and ‘out for delivery.’

If you bought something from an online store or eCommerce website, sign into your account to check the orders page. It can help you look up your package and get an estimated arrival date. Or you can contact the seller directly and inquire about how to track USPS without tracking number.

Often, many people try to track package without tracking number, without waiting for a couple of days. There are high chances their items are already out for delivery and could arrive soon!

Try using PostGrid’s direct mail services to avoid trouble and streamline your shipping tasks. Our automated solutions help you send your items to the correct recipients and view the delivery reports in real time.

Do You Require a Tracking Number to Report Lost Items?

The tracking number helps maintain accurate records on sent mailpieces. It allows you to initiate USPS Search if you lose an item en route.

But you may need to know how to track a USPS package without a tracking number if you lose the mailing receipt and label. Fortunately, there are multiple options to report lost Missing Mail. You can provide the following details to the Post Office, helping it locate your package within the USPS network:

  • Mailing date
  • Recipient address
  • Sender address
  • Package description
  • Size and weight

It is daunting for the Post Office to find and track USPS package without tracking number, but it does its best.

Please wait for at least seven working days post the estimated arrival day to file a request. You may use the item tracking number to speed up the process, so try keeping the details safe. It is always helpful to make copies of your mailing receipt and save files on your device to avoid potential trouble.

You may find package without tracking number USPS with an Informed Delivery account. Hence, you can use it to file a Missing Mail report.

USPS uses your Informed Delivery account details to check your previously-received and shipped packages. But it works only when the lost item has your correct shipping information.

PostGrid’s direct mail API ensures a 99.99% deliverability rate, helping you ditch questions like- how to track a USPS package without a tracking number. It empowers you to verify your mailing addresses and ship items promptly. PostGrid also lets you see the campaign progress through your dashboard whenever needed.

Which USPS Shipping Services are Trackable?

Only a few USPS mailing options are trackable. Therefore, tracking USPS without a tracking number is only a concern if you send Priority Mail or other items that come with a shipping receipt.

Some services allow you to pay an extra charge to get tracking details. You can select an option based on your mailing purpose, budget, and requirement.

First-Class Mail

It is a standard USPS shipping option, which is affordable, fast, and reliable. First-Class Mail helps you get your items to their destinations within one to five business days. But its fee only includes the mailing price. You can pair it up with Certified Mail or Registered Mail to get the tracking number.

Otherwise, you may need to think about how to track USPS without tracking number for First-Class Mail items. It is best if you upgrade your service or buy an add-on feature.

Priority Mail

The USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express options provide free tracking for customers. They can stop thinking about how to track USPS package without tracking number and remain informed throughout the journey.

Priority Mail offers other features, including insurance coverage, speedy delivery, and free pickup. Customers can use the tracking and reference numbers on their mailing receipts to check the delivery status. They can also find the details on the insurance slip.

You may request a signature on delivery for tracking USPS without tracking number for your package. It helps you get the delivery notification even if you lose the receipt.

How Can PostGrid Help You Send Mailpieces Accurately and Speedily?

PostGrid offers boutique direct mailing solutions for clients in all sectors, including healthcare, real estate, financial services, etc. You can integrate our API into your CRM to skip problems like- how to track USPS package without tracking number.

One of our old clients in the retail sector wanted to conduct a mailing campaign to send invoices, checks, and other documents to customers. It used PostGrid’s dashboard to place orders online and ship mailers without worrying about how to track USPS without tracking number or searching for confirmation emails.

They have sent 8,000+ mailers in the past few months using PostGrid. It helped them improve mailing efficiency and productivity.

Our dashboard allowed its staff to automate printing and mailing documents and save time. PostGrid’s competitive pricing plans and 24×7 customer assistance added to their experience working with us!

Other features that helped them find package without tracking number USPS are:

  • Address validation and standardization: PostGrid helped the client reformat and verify the mailing addresses to ensure shipping accuracy. It automatically replaced the old addresses with updated information to avoid mail returns.
  • Metadata tagging: Our direct mail automation services allowed clients to add tags to their customer database. It allowed them to better control their campaigns and keep tabs on all orders. They could track all their activities using a single dashboard without determining methods to track USPS package without tracking number during every campaign.
  • Campaign insights: PostGrid enabled the client to view the program analytics and insights. It helped them find USPS package without tracking number and measure performance.
  • Print and mail fulfillment: Our services provide complete printing and mailing fulfillment. Our client used the PostGrid dashboard for every task, from drafting documents using our templates to shipping them via USPS.


You can track USPS package without tracking number using your Informed Delivery account. It lets you preview incoming mail items, reschedule arrival, or forward them to a different location.

PostGrid helps you send direct mail without the extra legwork. It allows you to ship your items online and sit back! You can save money, time, and effort by eliminating manual inputs and using our solutions.

Sign up now to get more information on how to track USPS package without tracking number and ship items accurately with PostGrid!

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