Do Ethika Underwear Run Big Or Small [Do They Shrink] – Sewing How (2022)

Nothing is disappointing like having baggy or loose-fitting underwear. Likewise, if the underwear is too tight, you will be uncomfortable. Instead of throwing away your loose or tight underwear, you can either shrink the loose underwear or stretch it. However, you have first to find out whether your underwear can shrink or stretch.

Ethika underwear slightly shrinks after the first wash as the cotton-spandex blend used to make the underwear has a residual shrink. To shrink Ethika underwear further, you can wash it in very hot water and dry it in high-temperature settings. As a result, Ethika underwear can shrink between 2 and 5%.

This article focuses on Ethika underwear and discusses whether the underwear can shrink, whether they run big or small, whether they ride up, and how to wash them, among other issues. We hope you will read the article thoroughly and better understand Ethika underwear.

What is Ethika Underwear

Ethika underwear is an underwear brand that is designed and manufactured in the USA. The company was established in 2001 by three partners, namely; Malcolm McCassy, Travis Pastrana, and Ryan Sheckler. All Ethika underwear is manufactured in San Clemente, CA.

Since its inception, Ethika has enjoyed unprecedented success and is now one of the leading athletic underwear brands in the USA. Ethika offers a variety of underwear for men, women, and kids.

Do Ethika Underwear Shrink?

The critical factor in determining whether a specific piece of clothing shrinks or not is the nature of the fabric used to make the clothing. Indeed, if the clothing has been made with natural fabric whose fibers shrink, then the clothing will shrink.

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On the other hand, if the clothing has been made with a synthetic fiber that is not susceptible to shrinking, it might be challenging to shrink the fabric.

Ethika underwear is mainly made from a cotton spandex blend. Specifically, Ethika underwear is made with a fabric that is 92% cotton and 8% spandex. As cotton fibers make up the most percentage of Ethika underwear fabric-making, the underwear will shrink.

Ethika underwear shrinks. To shrink Ethika underwear, you will need to wash the underwear on the hottest water setting and dry the undies with the hottest dryer setting. You can also shrink Ethika underwear by boiling them in hot water for five minutes. The more your Ethika underwear is exposed to high temperatures in the washer and dryer, the more the underwear will shrink.

If you do not want to shrink your Ethika underwear, you need to ensure that the underwear is always washed and dried with a cotton wash and dry cycle. In addition, since cotton starts to shrink after it is subjected to temperatures over 130 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to make sure that you do not expose your Ethika underwear to temperatures above 130 degrees Fahrenheit so that the underwear doesn’t shrink.

How Long Do Ethika Boxers Last?

Various factors determine how long boxers last. Specifically, the material used to make your boxers and how often you wear your boxers are two major factors determining how long your boxers will last.

Cotton is a durable natural fiber. Likewise, even though spandex is a synthetic fiber, it is considered tougher and stronger than rubber. Thus, your Ethika boxer can last a long time if well maintained.

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Even though Ethika boxers can last a long time, most health experts recommend that you purchase new boxers as regularly as every six to twelve months. However, the frequency at which you wear your Ethika boxers will be the main factor determining how long your boxers should last.

If you have had your Ethika boxers for a long time, some indicators on your boxers should tell you that it is time to change the boxers. For example, if the boxers have holes, tears, stains, or are stretched out, you need to change the boxers.

When your Ethika boxers have stretched out, you need to throw them away and buy new ones. You will find it uncomfortable constantly to try to position the boxers in the right way once they have stretched out. Even if Ethika boxers can be shrunk, you will not be able to shrink boxers that have stretched out due to wearing out.

Do Ethika Underwear Run Big Or Small?

When buying underwear, you want to purchase lingerie that perfectly fits so that it is comfortable when worn. Unfortunately, when underwear runs big or small, you could end up throwing them away since, unlike other pieces of clothing that you can give to a friend or a relative, many people will never accept used underwear.

Ethika underwear is a great fit. They are true to size and are thus less likely to run small or big. In addition, when buying Ethika underwear, you don’t have to up or down a size since the spandex in the cotton blend used in making the underwear makes them stretchy, giving that perfect fit.

To establish whether Ethika underwear runs big or small, I conducted an online survey with 50 respondents. The survey had three questions: Do Ethika underwear run big or small, do Ethika underwear ride up, and what is your view on how Ethika underwear fit.

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From the analysis of the data that I collected from the 50 research subjects, I found that 48% of the respondents indicated that Ethika underwear is a good fit. Since the questions were open-ended, some of the responses were; the underwear is a great fit; I find them to fit perfectly; I love how they fit well.

However, five responses were of a contrary view. These responses were; My Ethika underwear is small on the waist, runs slightly bigger, and is somehow small.

From such responses, I concluded that 90% of the respondents I sampled noted that Ethika boxers fit perfectly. In comparison, only 10% were of a different view is a good indication that Ethika boxers are true to size and fit perfectly.

My research did not end there, as I went to online platforms and reviewed many reviews on how Ethika underwear fit. I, however, decided to analyze reviews given on Amazon as the reviews had been done by people who had bought the undies on the Amazon platform. So, I randomly studied 20 reviews, and all the reviews (100%) were in the affirmative that Ethika underwear is a great fit.

The findings concur with another research on how Americans designed and made hoodies fit. In the study, I concluded that hoodies designed and manufactured in America are true to size. But, at the same time, the same cannot be said to be the case for hoodies designed and made outside America.

Ethika designers are based in America and have a good understanding of American sizes. They are thus well positioned to ensure that Ethika underwear is a great fit.

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Do Ethika Underwear Ride Up?

When underwear ride up, they are either too small, do not fit well, or is poorly designed. Ethika underwear is well designed and does not ride up. It is important to note that the fabric used to make the underwear is a blend of cotton and spandex.

The elasticity of spandex means that even when the underwear is slightly small, it will stretch and give you a comfortable fit.

How Do You Dry Ethika Underwear?

After washing your Ethika underwear, you have to dry them the right way since failure to do that is likely to shrink the underwear. If you are using a dryer, you can dry your underwear either gently or in a cotton setting.

You can also hang your Ethika underwear on the clothesline and air dry them. To avoid sun bleaching, hang the underwear away from direct sunlight. When clothes are left in the sun for a long time, they can lose their color due to sun bleaching and sun fading.

Why Are Ethika Boxers So Popular?

Ethika boxers are famous due to their feel. The boxers are made with a cotton spandex blend. This blend makes their fabrics soft and flexible, thus giving a comfortable fit. Moreover, when working out with Ethika boxers, they do not move, making them a preferred choice for the athletes.

How To Wash Ethika Underwear

How you wash your Ethika underwear will determine how long the underwear will last and whether the underwear will be clean and free from infection. You can either hand wash your Ethika underwear or use a washing machine to wash the underwear.

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To wash Ethika underwear by hand, you must clean your sink, fill it with cold water, and add a mild detergent. Next, put Ethika’s underwear in the sink and use your hands to rub the underwear gently. Finally, you will rinse the underwear and dry it in the dryer or clothesline.

To wash Ethika underwear in the washing machine, set your washing machine to a gentle or cotton wash cycle. Then, load the underwear into the washing machine and wait for the wash cycle to complete. Once the wash cycle has been completed, load Ethika underwear to the dryer and use a gently or cotton drying cycle to dry the underwear.

Concluding Remarks

Ethika underwear is comfortable as they have a perfect fit. When buying Ethika underwear, you should buy your standard size as they are true to size. To ensure that your underwear lasts a long time, always wash the undies at the correct water temperatures. If washed at a very high temperature, your Ethika underwear will shrink.


What size is medium in ethika? ›

Ethika Size Chart
SizeWaist Size (in)
S28 - 30
M30 - 32
L33 - 35
XL36 - 38

How can I make my underwear smaller? ›

Simply wash your underwear in hot water either by hand or by using the washing machine. Then, as a follow-up to shrink the fabric further, put the undergarments in the clothes dryer. When dry, your underwear will be more form fitting.

What size is small in ethika? ›

3 more rows

What size is XL in ethika? ›


How tight should men's underwear be? ›

Men's underwear should fit snug - not tight - around the waist and thighs while providing breathing room in the crotch; in other words, you should feel comfortable, but not feel cramped. Underwear that's too tight can lead to chafing, rashes, skin irritation, and general discomfort.

How tight should boxers be? ›

Depending on the model and cut, they should be neither too long nor too short, neither too tight nor too loose, neither cutting off our breath at the waist nor falling off our hips. The perfect boxer briefs should ideally form around the body like a second skin.

Are Ethika stretchy? ›

First: ethika uses a cotton spandex blend, which makes their fabric ultra soft and extremely flexible.

What rapper owns Ethika? ›

Meek Mill, how he manages money | Ethika | With You Everywhere. Rapper Meek Mill is “the type to count a million cash then grind like I'm broke.” And in an interview with Yahoo Finance, the Philadelphia rapper and criminal justice reform advocate detailed how he approached his financial decisions.

Is it better for underwear to be tight or loose? ›

5. Make sure you have properly fitting underwear. Your underwear should not be so tight that it leaves deep marks in the skin. Thongs, underwear, and shapewear that are too tight can lead to nerve irritation and damage in the vulvar region and this can lead to pain vaginally, rectally, and all around the pelvis.

Should underwear fit tight or loose? ›

Underwear, especially briefs, bikinis, and thongs, should fit snugly, but it shouldn't leave imprints in the skin.

Does wearing tight underwear reduce size? ›

The conclusions overwhelmingly say that wearing underwear does not affect the size of your 'package'. However, wearing a wrong fit and incorrect size leads to several issues.

What does the word Ethika mean? ›

With that simple thought, Ethika was born, with its name alone having a deep meaning. "It's a made-up word, but it stands for athletics, ethics, ethnicity in a crazy cynical world," says McCassy.

What is the biggest size in Ethika? ›

1 more row

Can u Wash Ethika? ›

Ethika did say it is ok to wash them in cold water, gentle cycle but recommends hand washing.

Is XL 38 or 40? ›

XXL Size (Size in Letter) = 46 (Size in Number). Chest measurement for XXL size shirt is 52.5 inches and collar/neck measurement for XXL size shirt is 46 cm.
Shirt Size Converter (Letter to Number)
Letter (means)NumberNeck
XS Size (Extra Small)38 Size38 cm
S Size (Small)39 Size39 cm
M Size (Medium)40 Size40 cm
8 more rows

What does size PP mean? ›

PP (double-petite) P (petite) R (regular) T (tall)

How big is Chinese XL? ›

Asian Shirt Size to US
US Clothes SizeInternationalChina Clothes Size
17L175 / 108-110
17.5XL180 / 118-122
17.5XL180 / 118-122
XXL185 / 126-130
8 more rows

Should I size up when buying underwear? ›

One of the main signs your underwear doesn't fit is if you notice skin bulges around your hips or love handles. If this occurs, we recommend either trying the next size up or switching to a style that provides more coverage and support.

Should I buy underwear one size bigger? ›

If your waist measurement falls in between two adjacent sizes, then pick the larger size. For example, if your measurement is 87cm, then chose the underwear of 90 – 95 cm.

Why do boxers hug at the end? ›

Holding is usually considered wrapping your arm around the opponent's waist or another body part, typically while leaving yourself an arm free to still throw punches. As a result, while it looks like a hug from the outside, it's actually a tactical maneuver in boxing.

Is it better to wear tight boxers or loose boxers? ›

According to experts, wearing tight underwear like briefs creates a temperature increase that prevents sperm from growing and developing properly. A Harvard study found that men who wore looser underwear, like boxers or boxer-briefs, had about 25% more sperm in their collected samples.

Why do boxers pull their pants up so high? ›

As I mentioned above, one of the core reasons for boxers wearing their shorts high is to protect themselves from body blows by riding up the shorts. Although the shorts' height technically does not determine which blows are legal, this trick can confuse the opponent and the referee.

What fabric does Ethika use? ›

The Premium Modal is constructed with 90% ultra soft Modal Fabric, which provides you with the ultimate luxurious feel and comfort. This style also has a Premium Silver Lurex waistband, which adds the ultimate luxurious touch. Try one now!

Is Ethika a luxury brand? ›

When it comes to price, Ethika is kind of middle-of-the-road. They're not as expensive as a luxury brand like Atelier Traditionnel, but they're also expensive enough that you're not going to want to buy more than a pair or two at a time unless you're really in to splurging on underwear.

Why is Ethika popular? ›

We feel there are two main reasons Ethika seems to be out in front. the first is the overall brand and what we represent and stand for. We spend as much time on making sure everything we do has a unique and contagious vibe as we do on developing the actual product. The second is simply the product.

Is Ethika a cotton? ›

Top critical review. I love the Ethika boxers! However, pay close attention to the material! These ones are all polyester - not the super comfy cotton that i was expecting!

Are Ethika boxers breathable? ›

Tagless for comfort. Lightweight, breathable construction.

Who is the carrier for Ethika? ›

We ship via DHL GOGREEN, so once your order is shipped, you can expect to receive your order within 2 – 4 business days here in Germany, internationally the delivery might take 4 -6 business days .

How do you know what size underwear to get? ›

All you need is a soft tape measure! Bend to the sides to reveal the natural crease in your waistline. Wrap the tape measure around your waist where you typically wear your pants. This number, in inches, will give you your underwear size.

Should you wear undies to bed? ›

Wearing underwear keeps that moisture close to your genitals. This allows bacteria and yeast to grow, which can cause infection and other problems. If you are prone to yeast infections, vaginal infections or vaginal irritation, going commando at bedtime could be a great—and healthy—choice.

How long does it take for Ethika? ›

We typically take 1-3 business days for handling & processing your order. The typical delivery time frame is anywhere from 10-20 business days. Depending on your location, you might receive items much earlier.

How long has Ethika been around? ›

No matter the design, all Ethika underwear is available in one elastic fit that molds to the individual's body. The company started in 2002 out of the garage of founder Malcolm McCassy, moving to the business district on the east side of I-5 in 2012.

Does Ethika take returns? ›

We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return. To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging.

What does Ethika mean in Greek? ›

The term 'ethics' is derived from the Greek ta ethika which can mean custom or habit and in the plural, character.

Is 1X the same as XXL? ›

An XXL is a Misses 18. A 1X is a plus size 14/16. The difference is that plus size clothing is generally made wider and with more room in the arms, hips, thighs, butt, and stomach areas.

Is 2XL the same as XXL? ›

2XL is usually a half size bigger than XXL, which means that 2XL is the larger of the two sizes and is only used for obese clothing sizes. XXL is a linear progression of the size above the large size of clothing, whereas 2XL is a multiplication of the size XL, which makes it significantly larger than XXL.

Which size is M or L? ›

"M" (medium), "L" (large), "XL" (extra large), "XXL" (extra extra large).

Which is small S or XS? ›

Size-XS: about 3-5cm (1-2in) and usually not more than 8 € (incl. VAT) for the white strong and flexible pastics material. Your unique opportunity to hold a piece of math in your hands, for a very low price. Size-S: about 7.5cm (3in) and usually between 12 € and 20 € (incl.

What is the difference between size 14W and 16? ›

Numerical sizes are often labeled as 14W, 16W, 18W, and so on. The W is for Women's, which is another way of saying plus size. The “W” sizes are fitted for plus size specifically, whereas sizes like 14 and 16 in the same brand were likely fitted on a straight-size fit model.

What is considered petite for a woman? ›

What Height Is Considered Petite? Petite sizes are designed for women 5'4” and under, regardless of their size. In the petite category, sizes range from extra-small to plus-size. They also have a “P” label to illustrate a smaller and proportioned fit.

What size is L in China? ›

Women's clothes (Coat, T-shirt, dress, shirt, jacket, etc)
USA, Canada210-12
15 Apr 2016

What is the average waist size in China? ›

Despite growing obesity rates in China, the average waist circumference of a woman is 71 centimetres. This is in contrast to the average Australian woman's 87.7 centimetres waist measurement.

What size should I order from China? ›

According to, sizes in China are typically one size smaller than they are in the United States. That means that when you shop a size large, you're actually asking for a medium by U.S. standards. To put it simply, always size up your clothing if you're shopping from China.

How do you fix underwear that is too big? ›

Simply wash your underwear in hot water either by hand or by using the washing machine. Then, as a follow-up to shrink the fabric further, put the undergarments in the clothes dryer. When dry, your underwear will be more form fitting.

What do I do if my underwear doesn't fit? ›

  • Donate.
  • Sell Undergarments Online.
  • Repurpose.
  • Mend and Repair.
  • Use a Brand's Return and Recycle Policy.
  • Turn to a Textile Recycling Organization.
  • Compost Natural Fabrics.

What happens if your underwear is too small? ›

Low-rise panties that are too tight can decrease blood circulation in the upper thigh area, resulting in irritation, tingling or numbness. Wear non constrictive underwear for the general health of your reproductive organs.

Do you size down in underwear? ›

You're probably a size too big. If there's one thing on your body that should fit you like a glove, it's your underwear. If you're caught between sizes, determine where your sizing issues actually are. If the legs are too big, then size down.

How tight should men's underwear be? ›

Depending on the model and cut, they should be neither too long nor too short, neither too tight nor too loose, neither cutting off our breath at the waist nor falling off our hips. The perfect boxer briefs should ideally form around the body like a second skin.

Should underwear be the same size as pants? ›

Your underwear size is usually the same as your pants size, but can depend on the style of underwear and your measurements. Measuring yourself for underwear will mean measuring your hips. To do this you need to measure around the fullest part of your booty.

Why do boxers stare at you? ›

Usually, it's because they are thinking they might get something from you, whether a treat, a toy, or simply your attention. If you haven't done anything, in particular, to “upset” him, staring is probably a positive thing that indicates how important you are to him.

Why do boxers say shh? ›

The sound comes from a small exhalation at the throat squeezing air through closed teeth, and timed with a slight force from your core. Some fighters who close their lips will get a “BEESH” sound. It uses only a tiny bit of air so you can throw many punches with this sound without running out of breath.

Why do boxers exhale with every punch? ›

The main benefit of the sharp exhalations that produce noise when punching is increased power. Experts across most martial arts forms swear by this technique. By exhaling when striking, the boxer adds more extra power to the punch. The harder you can hit, the faster you'll wear down your opponent and win the match.

Do boxers help with sperm count? ›

Among the study participants, 53% reported usually wearing boxers. Analysis of semen samples showed that these men had 25% higher sperm concentrations and 17% higher total sperm counts when compared with men who did not primarily wear boxers.

What do they rub on boxers eyes? ›

Before the fight, cutmen will usually put petroleum jelly on the most likely areas of impact, especially the fighter's face, making the skin more elastic and slippery, and hence less likely to tear.

Why do boxers hang on each other? ›

Boxers clinch or “hug” to slow down the pace of the fight, and to prevent from getting hit at close range. Many boxers also clinch to get a small window of rest during the fight. While in the clinch, boxers expend less energy, and take a break from getting hit for a few seconds.

Why do my boxers ride up when I walk? ›

A number of factors can cause boxer briefs to ride up. If you wear boxers with loose fitting legs that don't fit your thighs properly, this can cause the boxers to inch their way up. The wrong choice of size leads to a poor fit, which can also cause your boxers to ride up.

What is M size in number? ›

Shirt Size Converter (Letter to Number)
Letter (means)NumberNeck
S Size (Small)39 Size39 cm
M Size (Medium)40 Size40 cm
M Size (Medium)41 Size41 cm
L Size (Large)42 Size42 cm
7 more rows

What sport coat size is a medium? ›

Sport Coat Sizes
SizeChest (Inch)Sleeve (Inch)
S35 - 3732 - 33
M38 - 4033 -34
L41 - 4334 - 35
XL44 - 4635 - 36
2 more rows

What is the size L in inches? ›

CHEST (inches)3440
CHEST (cm)85100

What is the biggest size in Ethika? ›

1 more row

Is M 34 or 36? ›

Clothing Size Guide
Waist31" - 33"34" - 36"
Hip39" - 41"42" - 44"

Is a 30 inch waist fat? ›

Most clothing brands classify a 30″ waist as a size small, so you definitely have a slim stomach if your waistline is 30 inches.

Is size 14 large or medium? ›

L means large and translates roughly to women's sizes 12 to 14.

What does it mean to be a 42 regular? ›

Suit and sport coat sizes have one number and one letter (for example, 38S, 40R, 42L). The number is your chest measurement and the letter refers to the jacket's length ' short, regular or long.

How do I guess my sport coat size? ›

How to Measure Yourself for Blazers (or Sport Coats): Take a measuring tape and wrap it around thefullest part of your chest (under your armpits). If you measure 40 inches around your chest, then your chest size is 40 inches and, likewise, your suit jacket size is 40.

Is size 14 same as XL? ›

We may have become accustomed to constant chopping and changing between an S or an M, but most of us are in agreement that a size 14 is by no means an XL, as it was described in Asos's size guide this week.

What is smaller XL or L? ›

"L" (large), "XL" (extra large), "XXL" (extra extra large).

What size is small in adults? ›

Sizing Charts
Adult X-Small32 – 34″
Adult Small34 – 36″
Adult Medium38 – 40″
Adult Large42 – 44″
6 more rows

What does the word Ethika mean? ›

With that simple thought, Ethika was born, with its name alone having a deep meaning. "It's a made-up word, but it stands for athletics, ethics, ethnicity in a crazy cynical world," says McCassy.

What does Ethika mean in Greek? ›

The term 'ethics' is derived from the Greek ta ethika which can mean custom or habit and in the plural, character.

Is Ethika a luxury brand? ›

When it comes to price, Ethika is kind of middle-of-the-road. They're not as expensive as a luxury brand like Atelier Traditionnel, but they're also expensive enough that you're not going to want to buy more than a pair or two at a time unless you're really in to splurging on underwear.


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