21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (2023)

With the Wish shopping app and website, you get access to some of the lowest prices on the internet. This e-commerce store offers a wide range of products in almost every shopping category.

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The Wish platform is a lot like eBay or Amazon. It allows merchants across the globe to sell items to the general public.

Most of the products available on the site come directly from manufacturers in China. The site has a large selection of no-name-brand products.

The quality of the goods can vary, the shipping times are longer, and the prices are inexpensive.

However, it is not the only e-commerce site with great deals. Here are the 21 best alternative online sites and apps similar to Wish for great prices and deals.

Before moving to our sites list below, we have created a chart showing the popularity on Google of the top 10 stores in our list. The chart shows how many searches (queries) per month are performed on Google for each store name:

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Now let’s discuss each store in more detail (note that the list below is in no particular order).

Table of Contents

  • #1 Venue
  • #2 DHGate
  • #3 Zulily
  • #4 AliExpress
  • #5 BangGood
  • #6 Overstock
  • #7 GearBest
  • #8 DealeXtreme
  • #9 Joom
  • #10 Light in the Box
  • #11 Yoshop
  • #12 Fab
  • #13 Dollar Tree
  • #14 Dollar1
  • #15 ASOS
  • #16 Miss A
  • #17 Wanelo
  • #18 Groupon
  • #19 Rosegal
  • #20 GeekBuying
  • #21 Tophatter
  • Final Words

#1 Venue

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (3)

Venue is a leading premium marketplace for top brands in the world of fashion, electronics, home products and a whole lot more.

With flexible payment terms and schemes like “buy-now pay-later”, Venue.com has fast become one of the top retailers for products in the United States.

Venue.com has been able to source some remarkable products. This includes earbuds from Samsung, laptops from HP, well known TV brands, Apple products etc.

Venue.com is consistently sourcing some of the best products on the market. The ever-expanding range has worked wonders for attracting customers from all over the United States.

Their 90-day ‘buy-now pay-later’ payment plans help to ensure that people can easily purchase the products that they need.

With its unrivaled customer service, products shipped right from the United States, and their expansive range, this is a company that is really going places.

Anybody that is looking to pick up a premium brand product would do well to check out Venue.com. They really do offer some of the best prices in the business.

#2 DHGate

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (4)

Based in Beijing, DHGate gives retailers all over the world an easy and inexpensive way to deal with suppliers. It also sells direct to customers.

This arrangement solves one of the problems that many Western businesses have often had when dealing with the numerous and complex supply chains inside China.

The rich website provides absolute focus to all kinds of products, including toys, clothing, electronic goods, and many more.

In this context, DHGate enables Chinese manufacturers and suppliers an easy way to do business with businesses and consumers in other countries. Much in the same way as the ancient Silk Road enabled trade.

#3 Zulily

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (5)

Established as an online store for children’s apparel, Zulily has grown to offer a variety of products geared toward young mothers. Clothes, toys, kitchenware, and various gadgets are available at low prices through the website and app.

With a Zulily account, you receive frequent notifications of flash sales. These sales tend to include popular items and the lowest available prices, making it an attractive site for saving money.

In the past few years, Zulily has maintained warehouses to build their inventory and improve quality control. However, most of the goods are sold through third-party merchants, including sellers in other countries.

#4 AliExpress

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (6)

AliExpress is one of the largest ecommerce sites in the world. While it is more well known in Asia, western shoppers are starting to discover the great deals available on this site.

Alibaba, a major Chinese conglomerate, owns the site. The products are sold from Chinese merchants, which increases the shipping time for international customers. In the US, you may need to wait up to 29 days for items to arrive with free shipping.

Waiting longer for your order is an inconvenience, but you can typically find prices that easily beat Amazon and eBay.

#5 BangGood

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (7)

Another Chinese ecommerce site, BangGood gives you low prices on clothes, gadgets, and phones. Unlike AliExpress, you can typically track your packages, even with free shipping. You also have the option of using a PayPal account during checkout.

The only issue is the limited selection of products. The site is not as large compared to the top ecommerce sites, but does offer good deals on the items that you find.

#6 Overstock

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (8)

Overstock was launched in 1999 as a reseller of surplus and returned goods, which is still the focus of the company. They also sell their own line of merchandise, including handmade goods produced in developing nations.

The site mostly sells furniture, home décor, and bedding. The products are sold directly through Overstock, instead of a third-party vendor. This reduces the risk of defective products and allows you to receive your order faster compared to ordering overseas.

#7 GearBest

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (9)

GearBest is one of the dozens of Chinese ecommerce stores that offers a wide range of electronic gadgets directly from the local factories. You get the lowest prices on various tech gear and popular home or office products.

The site accepts PayPal and major credit cards. It is a legitimate site with affordable gear, including electronics, lifestyle items, PCs, phones, and various accessories. Like most of these Chinese sites, the only drawback is the extra shipping times.

#8 DealeXtreme

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (10)

With DealeXtreme, you can browse thousands of daily deals on popular items, including tablets and phones. It is a Chinese reseller that works with third-party merchants, instead of maintaining their own inventory.

DealeXtreme has a mixed reputation. Some customers claim that it takes much longer to receive orders compared to other Chinese ecommerce sites. However, it is a safe site to shop. They only accept PayPal and provide the option to get a tracking number.

#9 Joom

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (11)

The Joom app is one of the closest direct competitors to the Wish app. It offers many of the same features, including great deals on a wide variety of merchandise. You can shop for clothes and fashion accessories, gadgets, and household items.

All items include free shipping, but the delivery times are typically one to two months. Joom also offers full refunds for broken or defective products, along with refunds for items that do not arrive within 75 days.

#10 Light in the Box

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (12)

Based in China, Light in the Box is another ecommerce site with wholesale prices on household items and tech gadgets. While the selection is not as big compared to other Chinese ecommerce sites, you get low prices and can checkout with a PayPal account.

The site offers multiple shipping options, including expedited delivery. If you spend a little extra, you can get items within a week, instead of the typical one-month to two-month delivery time.

#11 Yoshop

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (13)

The Yoshop ecommerce company maintains a website and mobile app, providing you with hundreds of daily deals. Free shipping is available worldwide, with five to seven-day shipping times. You can safely shop from the app or website and pay with a PayPal account or major credit card.

The inventory is supplied through third-party merchants, mostly located in China. Despite the location, you still get fast delivery times and can track every order through the app or website.

#12 Fab

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (14)

Designed to provide you with interesting and exciting products, Fab is a unique ecommerce site. They curate a selection of gadgets, health items, and various accessories that you are unlikely to find on other sites.

The prices are decent, orders arrive quickly, and the company is based in the United States. It is also one of the easiest ecommerce stores to browse. Each product has clear images and simple descriptions.

It is not the biggest online store, but you can discover original items. The site also has a social aspect, allowing shoppers to share what they are buying or shopping for with other users.

#13 Dollar Tree

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (15)

Offering many products for only $1 each, Dollar Tree is a retail store with locations all over the country. In this day and age, getting stuff inexpensively is a great way to save money on the household budget, and Dollar Tree emphasizes how easy it is to find a treasure in one of the brightly lit and organized stores.

The attractive and colorful website is exciting and inviting. It’s even possible to buy things online and have them delivered. If you prefer to go into a brick and mortar store and browse around thousands of products, Dollar Tree is a really good option as well.

#14 Dollar1

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (16)

With authentic products sourced directly from the USA, Dollar1 is an attractive and easy to navigate online retailer. There are some great bargains here and anyone who loves a bargain should really take the time to check it out.

Dollar1 can offer such great prices because they buy in bulk from stores that are undergoing liquidation. This allows them to buy inexpensively and sell at lower than retail prices. Featuring genuine US products, many people like buying products here because they know that it is good quality.

#15 ASOS

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (17)

ASOS is aimed at young adults and teenagers. It features trendy fashion, beauty, and cosmetic products, and is based in Britain.

The website is easy to navigate, attractive, and places all of the products at the center of the viewer’s attention. The photos of products really draw in the eye, as they are large and colorful. This makes for an impact on the viewer and makes ASOS one of the better online stores with huge clothes variety.

The prices at ASOS are somewhere in the upper-end compared to other cheap online stores, but the quality is usually much better.

#16 Miss A

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (18)

Ethical products that are PETA approved and not tested on animals are big these days. People are looking for friendly products that don’t contain toxic chemicals.

Miss A sells makeup and beauty products that adhere to PETA principles and can be bought for only one dollar.

Miss A has a very attractive website where it’s easy to find the makeup you want and at good prices too. As one of the new breed of ethical companies, Miss A supports charities and appeals to teenagers and young adults.

#17 Wanelo

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (19)

Marketed as a digital mall where you can buy from more stores than any brick and mortar shopping mall can provide, Wanelo is based in San Francisco.

As you’d expect, the website itself is crisp, clean, colorful, and thoroughly proud of its products.

Like Etsy, Wanelo features unique products from people who open stores under their Wanelo umbrella.

This means that you can find all sorts of products, with many of them not available anywhere else. In this sense, the products are curated by real people with an interest in providing something unique and appealing to others.

#18 Groupon

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (20)

If you have ever wanted to find the best deals from your favorite retailers and service providers, then Groupon is definitely for you.

It allows any business to offer exclusive coupon specials through its site where customers can redeem the special code and receive a nice discount.

One of the great things about Groupon is how it not only connects businesses with customers, but also how it allows businesses to get more exposure.

It has been active for over a decade and has proven to be very popular and lucrative over this time.

#19 Rosegal

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (21)

Focusing on vintage styles and edgy urban clothing styles, Rosegal has captured an audience that includes teens, young adults, and adults with an eye for fashion.

What’s great about Rosegal is that it has a section specifically for plus size women. In an age where plus sized women often get ignored in favor of slimmer women, Rosegal stands out as an online retail destination. If you love vintage fashion or have an eye for urban fashion styles, Rosegal should be your first port of call.

#20 GeekBuying

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (22)

If you’re looking for sales and flash deals on popular electronic consumer goods and other gadgets, Geekbuying is well worth your time. Geekbuying is the place to go if you love technology and tech goods.

An easy search function that places power at your fingertips, fast and easy shipping, good customer service, and an attractive website make Geekbuying a great destination for people who love their technology and want to find the absolute best deals.

What makes their shipping so fast is that they maintain warehouses in a variety of countries around the world, including Hong Kong, the United States, Portugal, Germany and others. This means that you won’t have to wait too long for your tech goods to be shipped no matter where you are in the world.

#21 Tophatter

21 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping in 2022 (23)

The Tophatter mobile app is available on Android phones through the Google Play Store. This makes it very easy to find products right on your phone wherever you are.

If you enjoy auction type sites, Tophatter is well worth a look. Nine out of 10 auctions on the app begin at a mere $1.

You can find hourly deals and specials on lots of items, including fashion clothing, electronic goods, and gadgets you never thought you needed.

Bidding on products can become rather addictive, and Tophatter makes it a fun experience to simply hop online and find out what the best deals are every single hour.

Final Words

These sites and apps all sell products that you can find on the most well known ecommerce sites. However, these options cater to a variety of interests. Also, you can often find less expensive prices. Just remember to read customer reviews of merchants and sellers before making a purchase. Happy shopping !!

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