15 Best Clothing Brands in USA For 2022 - Lookup Twice (2023)

If you want to enjoy an ever-lasting effect on your clothes, American brands are the best. The clothing brands made in USA offer you the finest textiles and comfort. Moreover, you will never be out of choices as you approach these brands. Your long-term search for the best quality clothes at affordable rates will now come to an end. Fashion has a different definition when it comes to the best clothing brands.

Do you want a simple living? Are you looking for quick-wear to the party? Is your friend’s wedding is coming? Yes, USA clothing brands can serve every purpose as you want. The premium fabrics are common for both essential clothing brands as well as luxurious ones. We have made a list of the most popular clothing brands in the USA to make your shopping experience more convenient. Many of these brands are famous in other countries too.

Top Clothing Brands In USA

The garment in the USA has a high selling rate all over the globe. There are ample choices for men, women, and kids. Pick up the one you feel suitable and ensure a superb comfort level. Let us look at these top clothing brands in USA, one by one.

1. Buck Mason

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Are you looking for cool clothing brands for men? Here is your biggest chance to select the denim wears. Raw denim can be the best fit with different styles as you wish. Furthermore, the brand also offers matching accessories for boys. It is cool to wear something with your sweatshirts and denim jackets.

The usual price of Buck Mason ranges between thirty-five dollars and four ninety-five dollars. You will be in love with the ethical fashion of this outstanding brand. Moreover, online shopping facilities are also available now. Therefore, you need not go on hunting for the best quality clothes here and there.

However, departmental stores in the USA also sell these clothes. You will get multiple designs among jackets, shirts, denim, and others. Men’s Apparel becomes iconic with this local market brand. But people will not get any chance to complain about the products. Whether simple classics or trendy clothes, you have everything over here.

2. Nike

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Almost every people are aware of this incredible brand. This American MNC is the brainchild of Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. A famous trademark of the company says “Just Do It”. It is a favorite brand of most sportspersons. The company is operating since 1964 and is a flourishing brand today.

Nike is a top-notch player in the sports-special apparel industry and manufacturing of athletic shoes. Furthermore, the name is commonly used for sports equipment. The location of the headquarters is in Oregon of the US. The creators got inspiration from the Greek Goddess for Victory and decided the name.

Moreover, the swoosh logo is a remarkable one in present times. It is one of the affordable yet elegant brands in the USA. As a result, the company is earning millions of dollars from various parts of the world.

Some prominent sports personalities like Christiano Ronaldo, Jordan, and many others are the sponsors for the notable brand.

3. Polo Ralph Lauren

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Presently, the whole world looks at Ralph Lauren as an iconic figure in the world of famous clothing brands in the USA. In design and marketing, he is a renowned leader. Moreover, Polo Ralph Lauren s famous for being the top brand in home products, fragrances, and also accessories. When it is about flawless designs, top-class quality standards, and perfect distribution channels, it is of course the most prominent name.

In the early days, Ralph only sold ties in Empire State Building. However, his dedication and determination made him a successful name for great detailing all over America and outside it. His vision was absolutely clear, for 50 years. Every category of Polo Ralph Lauren is premium in its quality. Feel the comfort level of the luxury clothing brands and enjoy every style with it. ‘

4. Reformation

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Reformation is also common by the name of Ref among the locals of the USA. Based in Los Angeles of CA, it is a marvelous collection of vintage clothes. The products mainly deal with women’s garments. You can keep your budget within $530 to shop from Reformation. Choose the perfect fit clothing ranging from simple styles to luxurious wears.

The brand offers fantastic collections of bottom and swimsuits, tops, dresses, innerwear, and dresses. For girls, it is one of the most popular clothing brands with loads of varieties. For the ladies of 5’2 and below that, there is a special section called Petites. The main focus of the company is to make customers of every shape satisfied. Therefore, they will look outstanding in these highly comfortable clothing.

The fashion-conscious makers also give importance to the sustainability of the environment. Hence, the fabrics are bio-friendly and will give you a super feeling.

5. Todd Shelton

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If you want comfortable wear for the everyday use of men, Todd Shelton is the ideal one. Among the cloth brand names for men’s apparel, it is distinguishing primary for the high-level comfort. The range is perfect for casual office wears, sweatshirts, and definitely jeans.
In New Jersey, qualified stylists prepare these amazing products. They get fairly paid for such work.

As per the organization’s policies, there is very little wastage during the whole manufacturing process. Therefore, you will get unique designs from this stylish brand.
The company aims at creating a long-lasting bond with returning customers. Moreover, traditional and designer outfits are suitable for any occasion.

Try the best casuals for a lovely day. The individual focus for varied customers is the specialty of the organization. When you are searching for a daily outfit, it must suit your tastes and comfort. If it matches, the brand is successful. This becomes so true for Todd Shelton.

6. Tommy Hilfiger

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The brand came into existence in the year 1985 and is a leading apparel brand today in more than 100 countries. Formerly, the name of the company used to be Tommy Hilfiger Corporation. Later, it was also denoted as Tommy Hilfiger Inc. In total, the number of departmental stores and independent stores in different countries is above 2000.

Global consumers recognize the brand as one of the top-selling ones for various products. The incredible collections include denim, footwear for both men and women, watches, accessories, home furnishings, fragrances, and others. Moreover, there are enough choices for kids too. True Star became one of the popular names among the fragrances. The poster girl was Beyonce Knowles.

Besides the above-mentioned products, Tommy Hilfiger is also famous for sportswear, and specially designed apparel. The latest products of the company retailed worldwide are Hilfiger Denim, Hilfiger Line, and Tommy Hilfiger Apparel.

7. Victoria’s Secret

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If you want a great shopping experience, try Victoria’s Secret today. It is one of the affordable clothing brands made in USA. The elegant lingeries are the top-most products of this brand. You can call it a ruler in this segment of the American garment industry.

The number of stores of Victoria’s Secret is over 1100. Pink Girl is a renowned name when it comes to classy and comfortable innerwear. Furthermore, the feminine nomenclatures of different products are added attractions for female consumers.

Every merchandise within their product range has a place in the top-notch fashion shows. Additionally, the incredible marketing techniques mark the success of the brand worldwide. Roy and Raymond founded this awesome brand in 1977. For them, it was a measure to save people from the harmful nylon nightgowns. Gradually, it grew in size by giving pleasure and satisfaction to hundreds of customers.

8. Forever 21

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When the top clothing brands in the USA is in question, how can we leave out Forever 21? It is the best outfit ever available in several countries today. The aesthetics are ultra-trendy and quite affordable. Therefore, define style in a new way by approaching this fabulous brand.

The brand mainly focuses on the general size range. Hence, if you are looking for plus-sizes, this is not your type. However, the overall quality of the garments is high-class. There are different price ranges and you can also go for exchanges if a product is not up-to-the-mark. Forever 21 is thus one of the remarkable spots for your ultimate shopping experience.
Based in Los Angeles, the impeccable designs of the company impress millions of women.

Apart from the clothing, it also offers premium beauty products and accessories. Not only women but also, you can get sophisticated clothes and accessories for your children.

9. Levi Strauss & Co.

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Levi Strauss & Co. has a good name in the denim market and is famous for Levi Jeans. You can find the headquarters in Plaza Levi. In 1835, Levi Strauss, a German immigrant, shifted to San Francisco. His primary motive was to open a dry goods company along with his brother.

Initially, Strauss started business at 90 Sacramento Street. Later on, the shop shifted to 62, Sacramento Street. The unique sizes of the jeans make it a star brand among the youngsters. Its popularity reached heights during the period 50s and 80s. Incredible collection of rockers, hippies, greasers, and others were the top-selling brands of the time.

The unshrunk and best quality jeans remain the number one product of the brand. To most consumers, Levi’s and Jeans are synonymous. Such is the demand of the company.

10. Abercrombie & Fitch

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Out of the best made in USA clothing brands, Abercrombie & Fitch also has a prominent place. Teenagers generally look for casual wear for their everyday use. However, many sophisticated brands fail to give comfort and ease for regular wear. Moreover, the prices also become a big factor, especially for the youngsters and students. Abercrombie & Fitch understands the wishes of the teens and designs the products accordingly.

For the target customers, the brand divides the entire collection into two divisions. These are Hollister Co. and Abercrombie. These are well-known children brands highly in demand across entire America.

Besides, teenagers can also get luxurious items at reasonable costs. The fashionable ranges of apparel include stylish accessories as well. These are mainly hats, caps, scarf or belts. With days, the varieties are increasing with the incorporated trendy designs. Moreover, the amazing fragrances will melt your heart. The loose style of the dresses and gowns is one of the authentic items of the brand. Another brilliant clothing option is Simone High Waist Ankle Length Jeans.

11. The North Face

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The story begins on a beach. Are you curious about The North Face and its popularity? Find out the latest collection of the current trends in San Francisco. Years ago, the idea came into the minds of two hikers. They were enthusiastic about pursuing their passion to do something unique. The creators started with a small retail shop at a height of 150 feet above sea level. It was a big risk. But they were unstoppable.

Thank God, such a lovely idea took birth in those energetic persons. Since 1966, the brand took a grand shape day by day. Their creativity was beyond imagination and crossed all boundaries. Soon, the climbers came up with an excellent collection for the hikers and other mountaineers.

Furthermore, The North Face is the first choice among the experienced climbing enthusiasts, runners, and snowboarders. Additionally, the skiers and alpinists also find the products highly useful.

12. Nine West

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Established in 1978, Nine West is definitely among the top clothing brands in the USA. The name personifies the address where it started operations for the first time. The exact location of the company is 9 West 57th Street. It is a popular lane in the hearts of the USA, that is the New York City.

Currently, it has a prominent presence in more than 78 countries. The customer service is of high quality and maintains a balance in the fashion world. Furthermore, you can now take the advantage of the fabulous online shopping experience.

The tailor-made advice will enhance your style to a great extent and make your shopping a memorable one. You will find a blend of the Australian and American styles in every outfit. Try the signature products today and enjoy the experience.

The retail stores are obviously there adorning different sections of supermarkets and departmental stores. However, it is effortless to pick the product of your choice and pay hassle-free through the web portal.

13. Kate Spade New York

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Do you want a luxury clothing brand in the USA? What can be a better alternative than Kate Spade New York? For the Americans, the fashion house marks the treasure chest for the luxurious and gorgeous outfit. However, the prices will come into your budget quite easily.

The incredible brand came into existence in January 1993 through the hands of Kate and Andy Spade. However, in 2017, Tapestry Inc. acquired it. Within the company, the special segment for the men’s outfit is Jack Spade.

Presently, the number of outlets of the shop in the United States is over 140. Moreover, it crossed 175 in the international market. You can get a privileged shopping experience in every store of this brand. Some of the prominent places include Sao Paulo, Shanghai, and of course San Francisco.

14. Calvin Klein

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Calvin Klein has global recognition in the world clothing market. Moreover, this lifestyle brand occupies a special place in the hearts of millions of loyal customers. The elegance and quality of the material speak for themselves. Therefore, you do not have to watch any advertisements to trust such a reputed brand.

Calvin Klein founded this brand in 1968 partnered with Barry Schwartz. The outstanding aesthetics makes it the pioneer in America’s fashion industry. The creative and exclusive designs are equally responsible for the ever-increasing popularity. The global sales of the company were touched 9 billion dollars in the year 2017. Furthermore, it is available in more than 110 countries.

The products it offers besides apparels include fashion accessories, perfumes, jewelry and watches, and home furnishings. Additionally, the market share of the brand is relatively high in the commercial sections. The haute couture apparels are in huge demand all over the globe. You can notice specialization in every outfit, be it casual or luxury wear.

15. Guess

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In 1981, the Marciano brothers left France to pursue their dream. They had the idea of revamping the denim with a fusion of European styles. This marked the beginning of a famous brand, Guess. Initially, they started with unique slim-fit jeans with stonewashed texture. They named the product 3-zip Marilyn. Bloomingdale was the first retail outlet to keep this item.

Soon, Guess became the iconic brand among adventure lovers. The enduring campaigns require some special fit wears for a comfortable living. When it is time camping, try Guess and nothing else. You can feel the difference. Guess turned many unknown faces into famous models of the fashion world.

The company launched the special product Marciano as a contemporary collection in 2004. This time also the model was a different person. Undoubtedly, it encourages youngsters to fulfill their dreams.


The best clothing brands in the USA are not one. Moreover, the above list is not an exhaustive one. Get stylish with the fantastic products. Search online and ensure that you are ordering from a reliable brand. After all, the brand speaks a lot about the product.

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