• Aligned with UAEs leadership objectives to ensure a safe, just and thus happy society for all residents.
  • Aligned with regional leadership objectives to fight all forms of crime and terrorism based on correct evidence
  • Support improvement in digital forensics ability in all forms of crime whether its pickpocketing or cybercrime
  • Learn from International Case Study examples to ensure you learn the best practices from police services who face different kinds of challenges
  • Evaluate new technologies and equipment solutions to ensure forensic investigations produce court worthy evidence that clears up doubt I even the murkiest crime cases
  • Benchmark current technology and equipment solutions to ensure only the best is made available to best serve the law
  • Experience high tech devices and equipment solutions and showcase research & development from selected companies that have truly innovative ideas
  • Network with peers to share ideas and best practice from around the GCC and the world
  • Understand the latest developments in the digital forensics sector
  • Hear case studies on how advanced digital forensics was used to provide evidence in court
  • See how different authorities play a pivotal role in bringing digital evidence to court
  • Meet international experts share their best practice and know-how
  • Expand your network of contacts