ABOUT Digital Forensics & Analysis Summit GCC

Cyberspace is growing and the digital world is forever expanding into all areas of our lives. 23% growth in active social media accounts (UAE since 2014), 48% mobile social media accounts, internet penetration at 51% and 73% proliferation of smartphones and a CCTV camera seemingly at every corner; the numbers alone demonstrate that digital sources are valuable forensics sources.

The Digital Forensics and Analysis Summit will provide a platform for international experts to share best practice and real life case studies on how technology is used in their forensic departments to extract evidence that is able to stand up in trial. We will also be joined by experts that use digital tools to enhance their traditional forensic investigation demonstrating the opportunities for inter-discipline coordination and applying a ‘total-policing’ approach.

Technology is the disrupter that levels the playing field meaning very often criminals are able to constantly find ways to evade justice and continue breaking the law. Therefore, the police, judiciary, telecom regulators and their colleagues must constantly make use of the most cutting edge technology and methods. These insights will be provided by a small selection of solution providers vetted to ensure what they provide is truly of note.

This event will feature content on the following themes: 

  1. Data retrieval-from damaged or destroyed data storage devices, volatile data preservation  
  2. Investigating Cybercrime- what are the common challenges and how to overcome them
  3. Dealing with encrypted devices- laws, challenges and solutions
  4. Legal obstacles and the need for updated laws- cooperating with other agencies including foreign police forces
  5. Balancing data protection, privacy and need for results- Using private sector support, what can be used as evidence and how far you can go to obtain evidence
  6. Updates on audio-visual enhancement tools
  7. Utilsing digital methodologies in forensic disciplines to improve case efficiency

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Huge Scope for developing digital forensics sector regionally

The GCC and the Middle East in general are quickly becoming more digitized as an increasingly large portion of our lives moves to cyberspace whether it is banking, entertainment, communications or eGovernance. This has given the opportunity to both malicious persons and those who keep us safe: police and those responsible for national security.

Oman has recently announced that with the partnership of South Korea’s ICT ministry it has set up one of the region’s first dedicated digital forensic labs. This in response to the upsurge that the region has seen in cybercrime, CCTV proliferation, social media accounts and internet penetration providing large pools of digital data. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the UAE have all set up well established national CERT’s (Computer Emergency Response Team) which focusses on a number of goals including of course computer forensics.