ABOUT Digital Forensics & Analysis Summit GCC

Cyberspace is growing and the digital world is forever expanding into all areas of our lives. 23% growth in active social media accounts (UAE since 2014), 48% mobile social media accounts, internet penetration at 51% and 73% proliferation of smartphones and a CCTV camera seemingly at every corner; the numbers alone demonstrate that digital sources are valuable forensics sources.

Abu Dhabi will soon see more speed cameras in the western region, Madinat Zayed is investing in 16 high-tech cameras while Dubai Police recently developed a 100millionUSD forensic lab with a specialised digital unit not to mention the aeCERT which is making headlines. Similar investments are seen across the GCC where Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar now have highly capable CERT centres to deal with Cybercrime and the type of attacks which have become too common.

The Digital Forensics and Analysis Summit will provide a platform for international experts and GCC practitioners to share best practice and real life case studies on how technology is used in their forensic departments to extract evidence that is able to stand up in trial. We will also be joined by experts that use digital tools to enhance their traditional forensic investigation demonstrating the opportunities for inter-discipline coordination and applying a ‘total-policing’ approach.

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An excellent opportunity: The UAE is a regional leader

Did you know?
  • GCC and UAE especially are seeing huge growth in social media accounts, internet penetration and smartphone use. All present a wealth of forensic data
  • 100Million USD investment by Dubai Police on a world leading forensics centre
  • Sharjah Police’s strategy to invest 30million AED in SMART camera systems over 2015-2018

Top Reasons to attend

  • Aligned with UAEs leadership objectives to ensure a safe, just and thus happy society for all residents.
  • Aligned with regional leadership objectives to fight all forms of crime and terrorism based on correct evidence
  • Support improvement in digital forensics ability in all forms of crime whether its pickpocketing or cybercrime
  • Learn from International Case Study examples to ensure you learn the best practices from police services who face different kinds of challenges
  • Evaluate new technologies and equipment solutions to ensure forensic investigations produce court worthy evidence that clears up doubt I even the murkiest crime cases
  • Benchmark current technology and equipment solutions to ensure only the best is made available to best serve the law
  • Experience high tech devices and equipment solutions and showcase research & development from selected companies that have truly innovative ideas
  • Network with peers to share ideas and best practice from around the GCC and the world
  • Understand the latest developments in the digital forensics sector
  • Hear case studies on how advanced digital forensics was used to provide evidence in court
  • See how different authorities play a pivotal role in bringing digital evidence to court
  • Meet international experts share their best practice and know-how
  • Expand your network of contacts

2017 Advisory Board

Sherein Ghaleb

President, International Association of Law and Forensic Sciences (IALFS), Egypt

Salah Menshawi

Head of Toxicology and Lab. Department, Ministry of Interior Medical Services Dept., Saudi Arabia

Abdul Rauf Chaudhary

Managing Editor, Arab Journal of Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine, Saudi Arabia

2017 Speakers

  • Paul Wright

    Assistant Director Forensic
    Middle East, Deloitte

  • Bryan Stirewalt

    Managing Director of the Supervision Division

  • Darren Mullins

    Director of Forensic Technology
    Deloitte Corporate Finance Limited (Regulated by DFSA)

  • Marwa El Mahdi

    Associate-Litigation Dept
    Al Tamimi & Co

  • Vishnu Manohar Cholapurath

    Forensic Technology & Discovery Services

  • Andrew Jones

    Author and Director of the Cyber Security Centre
    University of Hertfordshire

  • George Ezzat Attalla Abadir

    Chief Executive Officer
    Elite VAD

  • Mark McCluskie

    Head of Investigations
    EMEA Nuix Technology UK Ltd

  • Timothy Leehealey

    Chief Evangelist
    AccessData Group, Inc

  • Lua Emilia

    Director - Strategy & Business Intelligence

  • Carl Tinker

    Director, Sales
    Magnet Forensics

  • Chris Warden

    Vice President, Sales
    Magnet Forensics